Weekend plans

I took a few moments this cool fall morning to sit and sip coffee on my uber-awesome porch swing.  It may be the last chance I have to relax for a while.  Today is filled with final preparations for tomorrow’s big marching band “showcase” competition (parade and field show).  MusicMan is in the band, and I am tasked with running the concessions tent for 6 hours (plus set up and clean up).  I’m thanking God for the blessing of a wonderful co-chair; I’d be drowning without her!  And of course, we have volunteers coming in shifts.  I’m also thanking God for the weather, cool in the mornings and only mid-70’s midday.  PERFECT weather for marching and grilling!  I just wish I could watch all the bands compete. 

Tonight is the first home game, so it’s football and marching band tonight.  I love football…I love music played by enthusiastic teenagers…I love fall…I love wearing sweatshirts again!! 

My weekend wish for each of you:  take time to relax, and then get out there and enjoy life!  🙂

9 responses to “Weekend plans

  1. I love your swing! I am going to have to adapt mine to have a slanted back on the side arm like that. I don’t envy you running concession. Much more fun to be in the band.

  2. Happy You! I like fall….but, I don’t like cold. My youngest brother was supposed to have his first football game last night. But, he pinched a nerve or whiplash — they aren’t sure yet at practice.

    Poor guy! Eveyone loves him cuz’ he’s really good. And, he had to miss the first one.

    Good luck with the concession! You ARE a SuperMom! No wonder SuperDad married ya’ 😉

  3. Hey, I can dig that swing there! Have a good one yourself!
    I will be making ducky cuppys, actually…..

  4. I want to swing! Instead I just sit in my apartment window and try not to fall out. I also can’t grill or watch a football game without a whole lot of effort put into it. You are lucky!

  5. Have a great weekend! I love the idea of sitting, sipping some coffee, on the front porch and watching the world go by.

  6. Enjoy the weather! It’s already turned very ‘fall’ here 🙂

  7. Oh I love the color of your swing! And the back rest – just perfect for leaning on with a book in your hand!

  8. i want that swing!! ….um, but i don’t want to work concessions for 6 hours 🙂 good luck !!

  9. Oh I love that swing.. it looks SO inviting!