WWC#53: Modern and Primitive

The 53rd edition of Weekly Words Challenge is brought to us by the modern-day Tink.

I had to dig into the archives for these 2 camping pictures (August 2006). My “sister from another mister” and I used to plan an annual summer camping trip. Sadly, neither family has been camping since we moved away last summer. Must. move. back. Because we have way too much fun together to give it up!

Some people consider sleeping in tents and cooking over fires to be PRIMITIVE

a washed-out MM with my "brother from another mother"

a washed-out MM with my "brother from another mother"

a rather PRIMITIVE way to cook

keeping water hot and people warm

But that is how the family rolls when we go camping.

At home is a different matter:  when we moved here, I finally got my wish for a modern grill.  I asked  SuperDad to heat up some hot dogs for supper last night because I was too tired to cook just so I could get the picture.     

posing for a photo

posing for a photo

 “Modern” campfire


 Music has many forms, from PRIMITIVE drums to MODERN high school marching bands.  My original plan was to share photos from Saturday’s showcase of marching bands, but I failed to bring my camera never left the concession stand.  Instead, this pic of a CD does dual-duty:

Modern CD, Primitive sounds

Modern CD, Primitive sounds


My mother arrives for a visit this coming weekend, then we have a few days to rest up before my husband’s parents arrive for their visit. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to spare, but I’ll try to keep up on at least some of your blogs!

12 responses to “WWC#53: Modern and Primitive

  1. That’s why I’ve never actually been camping. It’s all a bit too primitive for me. haha

    Great job on the words!

  2. I love camping! I haven’t been since I was a kid. Here in Florida, the mosquitoes will pick you up in the middle of the night and take you away.

  3. That’s a whole lotta tofu pups for your tribe of boys!
    Hey, visiting family, alright! You’ll have a great time! Maybe get a few pics for us?

  4. Superdad looks like a young boy 🙂

  5. Oh, I love camping, I miss camping. Nice grill!

  6. I think you did very well! I am not one of nature’s campers, but I applaud those intrepid souls who are. I much prefer a nice, modern grill in my backyard! And your CD does both words beautifully. Hope you survive all your visitors!

  7. I LOVE my grill. It’s hooked up to the 100-gallon propane tank for the indoor gas fireplace (which we’ve never used). SuperDad actually prefers hunkering down in front of an old-fashioned charcoal and wood fire. Maybe that is what keeps him young??

  8. Mesquite cookin over coals is good for a brisket. For every day heat and eat? Gas grill, ALL.THE.WAY!!!!

    Great play on the pics today! Using the archives is also primitive! LOL!!!! You’ve got busy times with both sets of parents coming back to back (um, to back?)

    Happy Tuesday!!!!

  9. Count me in the camping in tents is primitive group please. I love the posing with the grill shot. I love grilled hot dogs, way better than nuked any day.
    Good luck with all the visitors.

  10. Well done. Primitive and modern fire.. either way .. yum!

  11. I love camping! great shots of a good time! mine are up, finally. stop by 🙂

  12. yeah, me and your superdad agree: charcoal and flame can be a lot of fun, but sometimes maybe just hitting a switch is easier…