Because the world isn’t black & white

My friend Susie has just said it better than I can say it (actually, she does this on a regular basis).  Her question is:  “What is wrong with your candidate?” 

William (in his comment on Susie’s post) puts it this way:  “Convince me your candidate is the one I should vote for without mentioning anything about the other candidate.”

For a terrific level-headed political discussion, head on over here.


4 responses to “Because the world isn’t black & white

  1. The first debate is this Friday at the Univ. of Miss., where I attended grad school. Should be interesting!

  2. i know we aren’t all big on the political blog posts — I did post a funny SNL skit that had me laughing so loud. Just because it was funny. Nothin’ado about the politics.

    Free time over! Time to go get the kiddos! I did get stuff done today and Macxine followed me everywhere! 😉

  3. The thing I agree with the most from those links is that there will be no “saviour.”

  4. aaaaah, who wants to be levelheaded though….