Nature’s music

courtesy of Google images

On my front porch is a windchime much like this one.  Today I listened to it playing a constant melodic tune, and I was reminded how much I love a good breeze on an autumn day.

Tonight it is still playing that tune, and a gentle rain is harmonizing in the background.

3 responses to “Nature’s music

  1. You are so lucky. My hormonic tune is that of my DH’s epiglotis sticking to the back of his throat while his sinuses and allergies are all “happily upriled.”

    Snore Factor.

    I actually wish I could hear that courtin’ little son-of-a-bleach cricket playing his hind legs right now.

    SO. Musical beds/sleep places I will play because I am past my sleep part of my bedtime.

  2. I’m sorry about your sleep, FW. It’s the opposite story over here (I’m the culprit who got sent to the sofa at 3am).
    My kitchen is filled with the sound of cricket music — SnakeMaster’s gecko eats crickets, so we have a little cricket cage in the kitchen. (What? Isn’t the kitchen the proper place to store food?!?) When there’s more than two little buggers in there? Drives. Me. Nuts.