WWC#54: Time and Place

Time (in history) and Place

Time (in history) and Place

a petite view of Shiloh farm

a petite view of Shiloh farm

Time & Place

Just above the hour markers for 4,5,6,7, and 8 are the words “Made in Germany”

Drying Time

Drying TIME: Laundry on the line reminds me of another time and place.

It's renovation time at this place

It's renovation TIME at this PLACE

Effects of Time in Olympia, WA

Effects of Time in Olympia, WA

Passage of Time at Mt. St. Helens

Passage of Time at Mt. St. Helens

This photograph was taken more than 3 years ago at a Mt. St. Helens overlook. It had been more than 24 years since this volcano violently erupted. And yes, that is steam in the background, rising from the vent of the volcano.

Bonus pics of the week:

September wildflowers (my new desktop background image)

September wildflowers

my new desktop background image (taken on the drive to get the pics of Shiloh)

And more September wildflowers on this beautiful Autumn afternoon:

Gathering storm clouds

Sunday storm clouds (click to see the passenger jet)

oldest grandchild, youngest grandma

The oldest grandchild is taller than Grandma.

The 2nd-oldest grandchild is also taller than Grandma!

The 2nd-oldest grandchild is also taller than Grandma!

This grandma is my mother. She is 5’10” (yes, the entire family is tall).

Yes, my mother was visiting for the weekend. She left a few hours ago.
SuperDad’s parents arrive next Monday. It’s visiting season here in Kcinnova’s World.

The WWC is also known as the Weekly Words Challenge . In this TIME and PLACE, we play along with Tink, who has just announced on our group Flickr site that next week’s words will be DISTORTED and CLEAR.


15 responses to “WWC#54: Time and Place

  1. Ooooh! This is the prettiest collection of pics! And there is your MOM!!!! She must be so proud of her grandchildren, so smart and talented. And tall!

  2. I love that first pic! The others are great too, but that first one is really cool.

  3. oooh, this makes me want to go to shiloh.

    haha, your family would dwarf mine!! my mom is 5’0″ 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos! I really like the first and the tree roots though. You must have some Viking in your ancestry to be tall like that.

  5. I love the Place and Time on the clock! And the sign too is good!

  6. wow, those are some cool shots! The jet in the clouds was awesome, and I really liked the Shiloh sign and the old house…nice!

  7. Fabulous stuff, KC. The pictures of Shiloh are particularly evocative for me, as my ancestors lived there during the Battle of Shiloh. I also love that you noticed that beautiful clock represented both time AND place. Very nice!

  8. these are indeed wonderful, and thank you so much for you kind words on my blog.
    It means much to me, and the answer is “yes”

  9. I LOVE how you incorporated both words into the first shot. So clever! I didn’t even think of doing that. My favorite picture is the “effects of time” one. It looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. 🙂

  10. This is a wonderful collection of photos. Beautiful structures and gorgeous kidlets. How proud you must be. 🙂

  11. I think all my kids will be taller than me (5’8″). I had difficulties seeing all your pictures yesterday. Worked great today. Nice shootin as usual toots. 🙂 I really like the farm pictures. Well done.

  12. Holy-Tallness! Great pics! Great!!!!!!

    [Did I say Great? Cuz’ I meant really Great!]

  13. Wow! Great ones from Shiloh! That’s cool… I love the flowers, and all the outdoors shots… Well done!


  14. THose are just beautiful. I was last at Mt. St. Helens over 10 years ago. It was still so brown in some spots. But in others the most beautiful wild flowers and plants were flourishing.

  15. 24 years? I’m officialy old.

    Lovely photos all.