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Pretty in Pink (save the ta-tas)

My friend Reb over at Sibu Pegasus Power just gifted me with this award:

But of much greater importance, Reb reminded me that it is October 1st…therefore, it is most certainly October, and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And while I am not overly fond of pink –I’m a longtime fan of the color blue— I am more than willing to change my blog to a pink theme if it will remind myself and my readers* about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (In the Bible, when things are repeated like that, it is a way to get the reader to sit up and take notice: Hey!! This is important!! I thought I’d try it here. But it might just be annoying when I do it.)

Anyhoo, because Reb suggested it, I am changing my blog to a PINK theme for the month of October, to remind myself and my readers* that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

*oh my goodness, that is so awesome to write!!! I have READERS, people!! The thought humbles me and excites me at the same time. The exciting part makes me tingle down to my toes and makes my heart pitter-pat; the humbling part warms my heart…because I don’t really think of y’all as readers — I think of you as FRIENDS.

Reb is a breast cancer survivor. Every Monday, Reb takes her readers on a computer-chair tour of her town. Her photography gets better and better every week! Not only does Reb have an amazing positive attitude, she is also a loving sister to The Bag Lady and “staff” to a beautiful Himalayan named “Sibu.”

In honor of Reb, I would like to pass this award to bloggers who have some things in common with her.
It was tough to choose!!! Still, it had to be done…so I am passing this award on to the following bloggers:

  • to Farmer*sWife at Glass Half Full Gal, for her optmistic take on life
  • to Hilary at The Smitten Image where she humbly shares her gorgeous photographs (like Reb, Hilary is Canadian)
  • to Mary Alice at From the Frontlines. She loves her sisters and has a “save the ta-tas” button on her blog!

How cool is that? I hope she doesn’t mind, I just totally lifted this from her blog!

Women, PLEASE please PLEASE make sure you are up-to-date on your medical appointments, especially THAT one!
Men, please gently remind the women in your life to take care of themselves by keeping those appointments.