$pending and $aving

I was at Costco today (as I am at least once a week) and they had this great offer:  five $20 Starbucks cards for $79.99 — that’s 5 cards for the price of 4! 
I’m not a big Starbucks fan, but I know many people are… and the cards make great gifts.  I don’t know how long the offer is going on, but it’s worth checking out! 

I thought of my friend Harry over at prohomemaker.com — he is full of great tips on how to entertain on a time-budget (and he has a great recipe for Cosmos!), plus there are many tips on getting the most for your dollar and COUPONS!  My friend Chatty first alerted me to Harry and his blog, and Farmer*sWife has also jumped onto the Harry bandwagon, so you know he comes highly recommended!


5 responses to “$pending and $aving

  1. And good morning to you KC!

  2. Cool, I will check to see if the same offer is in stores up in Canada.
    BTW we call it “Fourbucks” here, since a drink always cost $4.


  3. Howdy! Did ya’ miss me!? [I missed me, but that’s not the question. LOL]

    Thanks for sharin’ your savings plan!!!

    Happy Sunday!

  4. I miss Costco. I miss having a car. When I shop I can’t get more than what I can carry.

  5. i’ve so far resisted the pull of costco or other mega-stores like that. i know technically i save more by buying in bulk, but i spent so much time in teeeeeny apartments where i couldn’t STORE any bulk that it never made sense to buy more than 1 of anything 🙂