A Day in the Life

Mrs. G. of Derfwad Manor invited me to spend the day with her.  WHOOT!!  Yes, yes, she did!  However, she also invited me to share my day with you.  The latter invitation may cause rampant napping.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Here in Kcinnova’s World the first alarm clock of the day goes off at 4:45am. I almost never hear it, but SuperDad manages to wake me up anyhow. It’s our agreement: he has a 2-hr commute each morning and each evening, because we are living out here with the fresh air and good schools, so I get up with him and help him get out the door in time to catch the 5:38am train (approx. 25 minutes north of here). Once he’s gone, it’s just me and the coffee. Mmmmmmm…..

morning coffee and yesterday's mail

morning coffee and yesterday's mail


At 6:45am, SnakeMaster’s alarm goes off.  Sometimes I have fallen back asleep and he has to wake me up!  We chit-chat while making his breakfast and packing his lunch.  His bus pulls up at the end of the driveway at 7:15am. 


By this point, 2 more alarm clocks have sounded, but it is iffy that anyone is awake, so I either call down one flight of stairs or head up another.  SOMEONE needs to be in that shower!  My cross-country runner showers in the evening after practice, so he gets another 15 minutes of sleep. 

A flurry of activity happens between 8:15 and 8:25am, as 3 more boys rush to grab their lunches and backpacks and meet their buses….hopefully with a decent breakfast in their tummies.  Here on the homefront, all is quiet. 

Feed the cat, let the cat out, let the cat in…

On this particular day, I’m cleaning out the pantry — trying to find the source of the strange smell (skip this next pic if you are squeamish)

Which turned out to be a bag of onions buried under cereal boxes and chips.  I didn’t take the picture until after I had dropped it into the garbage can.  Then I cleaned the pantry floor and put things back so I could actually find them again! 

The night before, a cricket had been seen in the living room.  SM’s leopard gecko eats crickets, so the chase was on to catch this tasty morsel.  The cricket was caught and dully fed to “Spots” but spots of dirt and dust remained visible, so out comes the vacuum.

what this carpet really needs is steam cleaning...or maybe replacing?

what this carpet really needs is steam cleaning...or maybe replacing?

laundry and laundry and laundry some more

laundry and laundry and laundry some more

Another day might have some grocery shopping (4 growing boys = big grocery bill) but today we are hanging out at home:

checking some favorite blogs (it's Mrs. G @Derfwad Manor!)

checking some favorite blogs (yep, that's Mrs. G @Derfwad Manor!


filling the recycling bin

filling the recycling bin

mixing up apple juice

mixing up apple juice

…because apparently?  I am the only person in my house who knows how to do this!?! 

And once the boys start to come home, I am the engineer and conductor of the homework train.  SuperDad is stopping by the high school to pick up the Marching Band student and the Cross-Country runner.  We are having dinner with his parents, who are visiting from Washington State. 

family dinner

family dinner

Eating off the plates that Gary made!

After dinner, the older 2 boys do their homework, the kitchen gets cleaned, and those of us who are smart (young or old) go to bed; the teens stay up and do homework and waste time as only teenagers can do! 

And if you are still awake here with me, this has been a day in the life in Kcinnova’s World! 
Happy Monday!


15 responses to “A Day in the Life

  1. I like seeing everybody gathered round the table at the end. Such a warm feeling of family.

  2. ROCKIN’ plates there!
    You have the absolute nicest family. All of you!!!!!!!!!
    One suggestion, please? MORE CAT PHOTOS! Spike loves her!

  3. what a nice day–thanks for sharing it!

  4. Having a smallish or large family (my own or the extended variety) is one thing I miss! I’m going to have to invite some colleagues for supper one of these days just so I’ll remember how much work it is… Especially the dishes when there’s no dishwasher…

  5. Superdad is super to be willing to commute 2 hours each way for his family. What a guy!

    Thanks for playing along. I can tell your home is a warm and cozy place to be.

  6. Just a question… and this is by no means a criticism… why do all Derfwads have cats?

  7. Sounds cool and kind of relaxing… Of course, I’m lazy so if I was a stay-at-home Mom/Woman I would probably not get a darn thing accomplished. Kudos to you!

  8. How wonderful that you get to all have dinner together and on such wonderful plates 😉

  9. First your laundry room is way too clean! And second, I agree, sweet plates that Gary made for you.
    Us moms seem to have very similar lives. I also warned against boring people at my place.
    ps how do you keep enough food in the house for all those boys?

  10. I’m laughing at the things that only you seem to know how to do. UGH! Kids nowadays don’t seem to realize that we had them to wait hand and foot on us! lol

    PS…my monitor has nose prints from trying to see those plates.(although it seems like you posted about them a while ago…)

  11. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! The staircase, just in case you’re interested, is at the Soniat House in New Orleans, a small historic hotel in the French Quarter – they were wonderful there!

  12. This was fun! Following your day! Just last night Farmer, Jr. requested V-8 Splash with dinner. There was none in the fridge. DH “We are out.” Me: No we aren’t. DH “Yes we are….there’s none in the fridge.”

    He didn’t think to look in the pantry….under “J” for juice….

    Happy Tuesday (and, now I know why your mornings start so darn early!)

  13. Up at 4:45? You’re a good woman married to a good man.

  14. Thanks for sharing your day with us! I was worried for a minute that the one kid would miss the bus. Funny how stories just drag us right in, huh?

    I love that you bought Gary’s plates. It’s a small small world!

  15. This was a lot of fun. What a good Idea.