My cat and my exploding head

Gary (or maybe Spike) wanted to see more of Cleopatra, so here she is.


napping on the deck

napping on the deck

napping next to EB in the car

napping next to EB in the car

This morning, Cleopatra curled up on my lap while I was watching the 5 o’clock news. I really should have gone straight back to bed, but I wanted to know the weather report. Or maybe I was just trying to stay awake and maybe accomplish something.  It wasn’t long before I realized that I couldn’t be upright (even slightly reclined) for a single. minute. more.  I had to deposit her –warm blanket and all– onto the warm sofa. She didn’t like that, but I needed become horizontal again before my head exploded (ala katydidnot).  I stumbled back up the stairs and crawled between the cool sheets until my youngest boy woke me up for his breakfast. 

My sinuses are filling up and vice-gripping my head. They drip down my throat all night long. I’m going to go lie down again.


13 responses to “My cat and my exploding head

  1. Awful! Poor Gal! Hope you get to feeling better. Sudafed? The old one that’s been around for ages? Works wonders for me.

    Happy Hump-DIGGITY!

  2. That was how I felt last week. I’m feeling better now…hope you will be soon as well.

  3. OH NO you’re sick!!!! But I love your cat.
    Spike says “that is one FINE little feline there, Cleopatra…”

  4. Lovely Cleopatra! Hope you feel better son.

  5. Poor you!! You sound really poorly.

  6. Oh poor you.. that sounds so miserable. I sure you feel better very soon. Gorgeous kitty and I know a few men who should be wearing EB’s t-shirt. 😉

  7. I feel for you–we have this incredibly dry weather here that’s got my throat so scratchy. Rest up.

  8. I hope you feel better soon!
    Try some hot tea with honey, It always makes me feel a bit better.

  9. this time of year lends it’s self to all sorts of sniffy stuff soesn’t it?! Sorry..feel better soon.
    Cleopatra is adorable!

  10. it’s so hard to displace a warm cat sleeping on you… but dang, at 5am, i wouldn’t have TOO much trouble 🙂

  11. Your kitty happily naps in a moving car? Wow!

    I hope you are feeling better.

  12. Oh, I feel for you – I HATE that dripping down the back of my throat! Hope you feel better soon. Beautiful pics of Cleopatra, btw…