WWC #57: Plain and Adorned





My brain had plenty of ideas, but they never transfered over to the camera, so you are left with this. Oh, well. At least it is quick and relatively painless! I hope to do better next week.

The Weekly Words Challenge is brought to you (and “Me” and “Them” lol) by Tink, the soon-to-be blushing bride! (And a very beautiful one she shall be!) Join the fun next week when our words will be THEN and NOW.


10 responses to “WWC #57: Plain and Adorned

  1. Ah, very cool! I wish I had thought of that!! Good one and excellent photos!.

    No I didn’t see the sunrise this morning, at least not that I recalled anyway. I was running a little behind. I am awed by the grandeur that can be the sunrise (or sunset). It makes me feel small. But not as small as looking up at the stars!

  2. hahahaha I was going to do that very same thing! Great minds 🙂

  3. Good job, KC.. now take it away! I’m not ready for Christmas scenes yet!

  4. Oh, KC – that was just inspired! And, how lovely to have such a beautiful tree nearby in nature to shoot – and look at!

  5. You know, when I posted the words I thought, “Hm, maybe I should save these until Christmas.” 😉

    Well played!

  6. I almost used an old pic of a Christmas tree this week too. I’m glad I didn’t cause your tree is MUCH nicer than mine!

  7. I too thought about Christmas trees then was very glad that a neighbour had put up all those pumpkins! Well done!

  8. tres brilliant, KC….

  9. Oh at first I thought you were celebrating a little early. It seems to come sooner and sooner each year!

  10. That’s a great Christmas tree window.