$aving dollar$

Who likes to save money?  I do, I do!!  So do a lot of folks I know.  Farmer*sWife and the good man Harry over at prohomemaker.com get all excited about this, too.   Be sure to visit Harry for all sorts of wonderful money-saving ideas! 

Check out this website:  http://www.progressotastechallenge.com/ for $3 in free coupons.  It’s the perfect time of year for a bowl of soup.*  In fact, I made tomato soup (made with several cans of V8 Juice instead of water — extra flavor & nutrition!) and grilled cheese sandwiches for supper tonight.   The kids ate 3 grilled cheese sammies to dip into their brimming bowls,  but I tanked up on just the delicious soup.  YUM. 

*EB likes to take a can of soup in his lunch.  Yes, he eats it right from the can.  What can I say?  He’s 16.

8 responses to “$aving dollar$

  1. I am not a big soup fan except for tomato soup. I suppose part of that is I am allergic to so many things it is hard to find soup I can eat.

  2. YAY! And, I went to the secret source to figure out “where is my silent email?” Thanks for sharing. I’m the only tomato soup eater around here, but using the V8 — smart! I’ll do that myself next time!

    Oh, you totally rocked your new eating routine! Tomato soup? And, with V8? And, you tanked up! Talk about way low cal, way healthy, way to boost the immune system — especially, this time of year!

    Way to go YOU!!!!

    [Mmmmm. Maybe I’ll have tomato soup for breakfast…I know. We had a *cool* front. And, I’m a freak.]

    Happy Monday!!!!! GO kc!!!

  3. Reb, I’m sorry to hear you have to fight the food allergies. EB was allergic to dairy, soy, citrus (including citric acid), eggs, and who knows what else (we avoided some of the common allergens after those first few were discovered)! I was pleasantly surprised when he outgrew his food allergies after age 4.

    FW: Tomato soup for breakfast can’t be any stranger than SnakeMaster wanting to drink the leftover V8 juice for breakfast, or several of my kiddos eating clam chowder straight from the can.

    I’m thinking pumpkin soup is on the menu sometime this week!

  4. haha, he eats the soup straight from the can? like… not even warmed up?? that may be stranger than even some of my eating habits 😉

  5. coooopons????????????????????????????????

  6. We love soup around here. We put all of our yummy garden veggies in it and go to town. Tanking up on veggies is a great way to loose weight and stay healthy.11
    So much so, that I found out that due to not eating junk food anymore, the kids were loosing weight because of all the farm work they do. I actually had to add meals and more fat/protein to their diet..
    Crazy i know, but i fill them up on the veggies, and that is good for them.
    It is also helping John loose weight!!
    Good for you!!

  7. Well darn.. methinks this soup is not available in Canada. Nice of you to link to coupons though. 🙂

  8. KC, thanks so much for the shoutout. Just got some cat treats in the mail for my gal pal with a kitty named Portia. 🙂 I also need to mail her off two coupons I found for free cat food! Thanks for the heads-up on Progresso. We’re getting to soup weather — yeah! 🙂