Happy Windsday!

I am feeling rather punchy today, making silly jokes and running on caffeine and adrenaline. Blame it on the lack of sleep: SuperDad is TDY (I never sleep well in his absence) and I just couldn’t get warm last night with the cold winds a-blowin’. I’m sure I dozed some, but by 4 a.m., I gave in and got up to make a pot of coffee. Leftover shepherds pie (protein & veggies) was my breakfast at 5am, and then I made cinnamon swirl muffins for the boys’ breakfast. It was a good start to a busy day, and I accomplished quite a bit:

  • a hot, homemade breakfast for everyone
  • a good workout at the gym
  • filled the crockpot with soup for the teacher luncheon and delivered it
  • squeezed in a Costco trip for our diminishing perishables supply
  • off to church for the newsletter folding/mailing “party”
  • back to the school to pick up my crockpot and ladle (7 people asked for the recipe!!)
  • home to brown the burger for tonight’s spaghetti sauce and check e-mail while waiting for SnakeMaster’s bus to arrive
  • debrief SM’s day, freeze outside with him to take photos (sorry, the baby raccoon was moving too fast for a decent picture)

    homemade tipi

    homemade tipi

  • quick check of blogs and upload this before I…
  • make supper and then pick up MusicMan from marching band rehearsal
  • sometime in there, antique a handful of papers and “leather” some brown paper bags for SM’s “Daniel Boone” journal
  • Also? a few loads of laundry

Our possible snow flurries never occurred. 😦
However, the cold temps have brought on great color, even if the winds are blowing the leaves away. Here is the view from the end of my driveway, looking across the road:

Two weeks ago, this pumpkin decoration was sitting in a pot of lush green…

Now all of that lush green is turning orange:

This ground cover lines our walkway to the front door

view from the front porch

view from the front porch

Now let’s turn around and look to the west, down the street toward the Blue Ridge Mountains:

tall trees to the left are in our yard

tall trees to the left are in our yard

But I’m now freezing in this cold wind, so let’s go inside!

8 responses to “Happy Windsday!

  1. Now that’s a busy day. Without much sleep, what are you running on? Lovely photos, KC. Very autumnish. 🙂

  2. Oh what beautiful photos! Fall is inching its way in here in California. But still warm, warm days, but thankfully cool nights. Perhaps I will *fianlly* dig out the fall wreath for the front door — you inspired me. 🙂

  3. Hilary, I drive on these roads with all the beauty around me and think of how wonderfully you would capture the scenery!

    Harry, I know how hard it is to change the seasonal decor when the weather is not cooperating! We spent over 5 years in Texas, where Halloween only meant the end of wearing shorts all day long.

  4. Holy Crap! You’re a busy bee today! And those photos? Beautiful! I love the mountain view from your front yard! Can I move in?

  5. Oh it is sooooo pretty around your place! Sorry your dh is on the road, but home soon, yes?

  6. Lovely photos! I like your wreath, did you make it yourself?

  7. Reb, I confess to purchasing the wreath a few years ago. I went to the store to buy wreath-making supplies and discovered that it was cheaper to just buy it already made. (Bonus: no glue-gun burns on my fingers!)

    Gary – tomorrow! The good news is, the roads between here and the airport are quite lovely this time of year. Well, not the ROADS…the SCENERY! I’ve driven that route 4 times in the past 2 weeks.

    FC, I’ve got a house to sell you in a couple of years! Or, if you want to pay the mortgage NOW, I think we might be able to work out a deal. 😉

  8. Look at You! Way to Go! Don’t you feel so much more accomplished putting it all in type? Like this is an unusually “busy” day….right? I KNOW BETTER. You four o’clock waker upper. And, no fair. It looks like your DH got that gene that allows him to intake anything and everything and burn calories just by breathing. No fair.

    We ladies have to work at it and all. But, you my Gal are doing terrific! Keep it up! And, in a month or so? We want a sweet new picture of you! All happy, and healthy and working on being as fabulous as you are!

    Four Boys [well, five.] Still gets me every time I read it. They’ve no sister to clue them in to the ladyhood of being a lady. But, at least there are no cat fights. LOL!

    Happy Wednesday and way to Rock It Out!!!!!

    mmmm. carbs….mmmmm. protein…..mmmmm….late night snack, with wine. LOL!