Why I DON’T approve of that message

Tonight, while some Americans tuned in to their televisions, the boys & I were having a long, late supper instead. The long, late suppers aren’t unusual, but some of the subject matter was different. Usually, I am struggling to keep the conversation on topics that don’t directly connect with video games, and it has been seen by me as a losing battle. But tonight? We were talking politics and government,in between mommy verbal smackdowns of “your spaghetti is not fingerfood” and “stop interrupting – that’s rude.” Yep, we talked about how originally the man with the most votes got to be president and the man who came in 2nd got to be vice president. The kids could see the problems that might cause (and the oldest agreed that was why Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were not on a united ticket). We talked about who would step up to assume The Post if ever needed (VP, then Speaker of the House). Even the 9yo knew why the Pres. & VP don’t ride together in the same airplane, ever. I promised to explain the voting materials to them when I pull out my ballot and VOTE on Friday, in the privacy of my own home. (My county is mail-in only, and I’m one of those annoying voters who has long been undecided.)

There’s nothing quite like a lesson in American Government around the dinner table.

It would have ended right there, kept in the privacy of my own home, the way I normally keep my political opinions. But then I read Farmer*sWife’s blog post. She said some things that resonated with me, so much so that I nearly hijacked her comment section. Since I’m fond of FW, I left a short comment and told her I’d be over here with my long-winded reply.

I’m not a big TV watcher, so tonight’s big blanket advertisement did not take away from my mommy down-time. I was still sitting around the dinner table amidst rising levels of testosterone and plates smeared with spaghetti sauce. BUT I cannot understand WHY the Obama camp made the choice to run a 30-minute “infomercial” and I saw no reason to watch it. Even late night hosts were poking at it yesterday, before it ever ran! I am wondering, WHY squander that money and irritate folks, just to make them 1) MAD at you, and 2) QUESTION your ability to be fiscally responsible!?!?

I’m Kcinnova and this is my soapbox.

Now I’m going to go back to my life as a private citizen and tuck my children into bed.


7 responses to “Why I DON’T approve of that message

  1. I’m glad you all were talking civics.

    I’m not agreeing or disagreeing, but I think it was so some Americans could get a look at him. Just today I have had conversations with people that think Obama is a) not an American citizen and b) is a Muslim. Present company excepted there’s a lot of misinformation among the undecideds about Obama.

  2. Jenn, I find the continuing twisted tales frightening (I can’t bring myself to call it misinformation), and I see it on both sides of the political table.

    I, too, had a conversation with someone today who automatically assumed that I was a right-wing conservative who was voting for McCain, simply because my husband is active duty Army. (Mary Alice would understand!) Turns out this person thought he had found a kindred spirit because then while he admitted that Obama was “probably a Christian” he still pegged him as a socialist and inexperienced. I had fun pointing out that Obama has had 2 years as a senator and has chosen a very experienced running mate.
    When I asked this person which news channel he watched, he hesitated and said “oh, all over.” Of course, when pressed, his favorite turned out to be Fox News, which is as biased to one side as some of the others are biased toward the other side. I suggested he listen to NPR for some balanced coverage (he probably won’t, but at least I tried).
    I also mentioned that on Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert had a special guest on the Colbert Report: the man who IS the Socialist Party nominee! I can’t recall his name, and he didn’t strike me as very intelligent, but he DID refute the claims to Obama’s socialism. He called both McCain and Obama “capitalists.” Well, if the person I talked with won’t listen to NPR, maybe he’ll learn something from a comedy news show. He was going to try and catch a rerun of it.

    I normally stay out of the whole politics thing, but I am so irritated by some of the falsehoods being shouted by extreme ends of the spectrum … and frightened by the masses (hopefully small masses??) that aren’t using their brains and sifting through the information that *IS* available for the taking.

    I just want to beg people to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take some time to sit down and THINK for yourselves! PLEASE don’t let a political party or news pundits or even your spouse or your best friend tell you what to think. Ignore the rumors, examine the very real information that is out there, think it through, and then VOTE!

    [Climbing back down off my soapbox again…]

  3. I’m going to early voting today. I’m going to click the electronic button — though, my faith is in the man upstairs. I’m just praying I don’t wake up Wednesday morning with a “chad” type thing again.

    I wanna’ vote. Count. Have a President elect. I love our country. That is so cool that you were able to discuss with your boys!

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. funny, i just posted about that vp thing. great minds, and all that!

  5. I think it is great that you all sit down as a family and discuss anything! That you were discussing politics is wonderful. Do you make your kids go get a dictionary if they don’t understand a word? Mine did, then the conversations would go off on some wonderful tangents, usually involving getting out the encyclopedias.

  6. I was long undecided as well, and if not for the fear of my absentee ballot being lost in the mail, I would still be glaring at it today instead my mailing it off a week ago.

    I didn’t watch Obamamerical either. Felt that money could have been spent in more productive ways…like sharing his campaigns wealth. But that is not politics, is it?

  7. I mailed mine today, stamped and posted before the morning pickup. I really did have to force myself to decide last night at 9pm. The local stuff was easy (even though it is our home state that we vote in, and not our current one) – I was familiar with the names & issues.