For the Girls

I’m talking about those 2 Girls.  The ones just about everyone appreciates.  The ones the guys look at.

Yep.  THOSE Girls! 

Ladies, I hope you made your appointments, if you were due for them.  I did.  Gentlemen, I hope you reminded the women in your life to do the same. 

I survived the entire month with a blog full of PINK.  (I don’t really like pink.)  It was a small thing to do, in honor of so many who are living with breast cancer and those who  have battled and survived breast cancer — and in remembrance of those who fought the hard fight and are now cherished memories in their loved ones hearts.


4 responses to “For the Girls

  1. perhaps men should be VIGILANT about those tatas and their health all year long!

  2. Done! came back normal too. 🙂
    I’m ready to change the pink too…even though I like it…I feel like I’m drowning in Pepto Bismol….yuck!

  3. Kcinnova, I am really not a pink person either, so it has been a hard month looking at my own blog! I was glad to do it though, if it made just one person go and get checked then it was worth it. Thank you for going pink too!

  4. I like pink. With lime green. I like your new layout though, over here! 🙂

    My GYN said I my gals can wait another year or two to get squooshed. Though, I think she still will sign me up “before” I hit the recommended 40.

    I did get the “feel’em up” though and it was all normal.

    Happy Saturday! Happy November!