Thankfulness (and a blog giveaway contest!)

Cheri has done it, Gary has done it, Farmer*sWife has done it, Tink has done it… the excitement has been contagious, so I am joining the club of bloggie giveaways!

Coming up with a theme, though? That was a little harder… for about 4 seconds!

I recalled how Tink bemoaned the lack of kindness in our world, which was then wonderfully proven to be only a small and pitifully disgusting segment of the population, known as duck killers.

I considered how a lack of contentment leads to selfishness and greed and unhappiness. I thought about the feeling that an unexpected gift brings to both the one who receives the gift AND to the giver. And I thought back to this post.

A thankful heart is a happy heart!

A thankful heart is a happy heart!

Which of course made me think about Madame Blueberry! Because I really like the Stuff Mart rap song I’m a classic Veggie Tales geek Madame Blueberry teaches us all important lessons about thankfulness, contentment, and the addictiveness of Stuff.


  • What are some things you’re thankful for?
  • What unexpected gifts have you received and/or given? How were these a blessing to you?
  • How do you practice contentment?

Please answer one (or all) of those questions in the comment section for this post, and I will put you in a drawing for a PRIZE. Each person who contributes by answering the question(s) by midnight PST on November 9th will be entered into the drawing! If you want to write your own post about those topics instead of making a long comment, just say so in your comment — I’ll enter you in the drawing after I read your post (be sure to post AND comment before the deadline).

The winner will, of course, have to trust me with his or her real name & address so that I can send the prize through the United States Postal Service. Because I can’t send it through blog comments!

14 responses to “Thankfulness (and a blog giveaway contest!)

  1. OK, a lot to consider here….put my thinking cap on….

  2. Worthy of a full post me thinks.

  3. I’m totally in. I’ll do a blog post. I’ll come back and let ya’ know when it’s up!

    Weeeeeeee! I love to play for prizes! And, being Thankful? This one’s easy, fun and thoughtful!


  4. Oh, and I read your article submission at Root and Sprout! YAY!!!! for any other bloggies who are interested!

    Happy November!

  5. Great questions!

    * The list of things I am grateful for is long. Topping the list are my parents’ good health, keeping our head above water financially, having a wonderful partner of 13+ years, and all the wonderful ways God has blessed my life.

    * Easy answer on unexpected gifts — I just won Tyler Florence’s two new cookbooks. (Won them from They were wonderful to receive because such expenditures have been out for two years.

    * I practice commitment by relishing — and enjoying — what is good in my life. A pretty home to act as our refuge in the world, a happy homelife, and so many blessings from wonderful friends.

    Oh, and of course, I hope for world peace. 🙂

    Now, I’ll show you my fancy pageant walking. 🙂

  6. I’ll get back to you, maybe in a post.

  7. Oh, what a lovely idea! I am going to be in Mexico until the 9th, so I guess I can’t compete, but I’ll be thinking about it, and appreciating you for the suggestion – giving thanks and recognizing our blessings is always a good thing!

  8. The thing that helps me be content is to be grateful for the everyday things at the end of every day–the roof over my head, the warm covers, the children snug in their beds or off at college making their own lives.

  9. I am thinking that a thankfulness post is a good idea for Tuesday, election day!!!!

  10. OK, I posted it, thanks for the idea!

  11. Oh man, what a good idea! I really want to do this. I still have about 40 unread blogs to catch up on so if I remember by the time I’m done I’m totally in.

  12. Wow…you really got my grape quishing now..

    I’m thankful for my LIFE and all it’s offered to me b/c without it I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I’m able to care for my parents as they did for me. LIFE is the biggest gift I’ve been given and with that came the love of my life and all my kids..seperately and collectively. My blessings are too great to count and I am truely thankful and humbled for each and every one.
    Blessings are like gifts….better to give than receive….
    You my dear…are blessed.
    Happy week!

  13. I think this is a wonderful idea. There’s so much to be grateful for! I’m going to think and scribble a bit. See you later.

    Hugs from the far side of the world,
    ~ Sil in Corea

  14. Contentment…that strikes a chord with me lately. We don’t have the ideal living situation where we are now, so I have had to do a lot of soul searching to satisfy my self with it. And so, how do I practice it? I have made our tiny, unimaginative home in the most comfortable place we know….so when we are home, we are content.