StuffMart Rap

Since I referenced this one, I thought I’d better provide it for you. Sadly, the visuals aren’t there from the original, but at least you can listen to it! Doesn’t it sound a little like our consumer society, telling us what we “need” is STUFF!


4 responses to “StuffMart Rap

  1. well, yeah….a gross of toilet paper? where would you put that? lay a table cloth over it and put it in the living room?

  2. Is that the veggie tales I hear in there?

    LOL! Catchy!

  3. Funny you asked, Gary….my dad would buy one and store it in a room in the basement (originally designed to be a darkroom by the previous owner). Yes, REALLY!!

  4. FW: I love me some VT! I wish I could have gotten the actual footage to go with it.