What’s in a name?

May friend Gary posted about his kiln named Mickey and that got me wondering…

Do you name your cars? (or anything else, like a kiln??)

What are the names? Inquiring minds want to know!

My current minivan is Betty, the last one was Olive, and the first one was Vanna.

We have also owned a full-sized Bronco named Walt, a itty-bitty station wagon named Christopher Robin, a big ol’ primer gray pickup named Moose, and a Chevy hatchback named Gracie.

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14 responses to “What’s in a name?

  1. Yes. I do name things. My SUV is “Gal.” As in, “Come on Gal, let’s go.”

    My Apple LT is named, “Macxine,” as in MAC-xine but you already knew that 😉

    My house is my Castle and therefore I refer to her as, “Howdy my Castle! I’m home!”

    There are others, they just won’t come to me right now!

    Happy Purple Hump-Diggity!

  2. MOOSE AND GRACIE!!!!!!!!

  3. My very first car – a VW-Beetle was called Fluffy. Not because of the push upholstering but because that’s the sound it made when I struggled up
    any little incline ….
    or drove on a level road….
    or was coasting downhill…

    Then came Fluffy II

    Years later I had a Ford Bronco, called Bobby Boy. (Now, don’t ask me why!)

    My present BMW hasn’t been christened, but I do enjoy it!

  4. My last car was a BMW 3 series. I named it “Brash”

  5. Um, nope! We did refer to one of the parents cars at the “Christly Chrysler”, as in “Jesus Christ it was JUST fixed!”

  6. my first car was called smokey because it smoked a lot. my second was called alice because the gears ground a lot and alice in chains has that song “grind.”

  7. i’m not a namer, sadly 😦 i had a hard enough time naming my cats, and 1/2 the time i just refer to them as “cat” anyway. like “cat! get off the table!”

  8. I named my house plant Al. That’s about all I have.

  9. Can’t say that I do these days. I’m sure my car had a name when I was a teenager, but I can’t remember. I have enough trouble remembering the kid’s name half of the time!! “HEY YOU!! knock it off!!” Kid thinks her name is “no no bad girl!!”

  10. The only named inanimate object he have is our 21+ year old Philodendron named “Phil.” Not really that creative.

  11. I had a Ford called Jim, A Jeep the kids called The Beash, my van is called Homer and the VW is still unnamed. Currently we have a long running argument as to the sex of the VW so therefore naming it is severely hampered. I was pushing for Wilhelm.

  12. Mary Alice, that gender thing gets us, too!

    Jenn & Knight, there is nothing uncreative about naming a beloved plant!

    I think I’ve posted before about my husband naming the lawn tractor. (Her name is Buttercup.)

  13. We name everything!! My SUV is called Suzi…Lovee’s car is ‘testerone…his truck is a Dodge so we call it Rambull….we have a tree called Arthur cuz it’s an Ash….another tree called T.R…cuz it’s a twisted Redbud….silly aren’t we…but fun. 🙂 We even call our backyard the Sanctuary…b/c it’s where we go to relax and feel good.

  14. I’ve named my teenage son Alex…. if that counts an inanimate object. 😉