I invited my husband on a day-date last Friday, giving him the choice: a 12-mile bike ride or a drive to a hiking spot. I’m grateful he chose the drive & hike, because that allowed me to take plenty of photos!

Our first stop was our first crossing of the Potomac River.

looking west toward the Blue Ridge

looking west toward the Blue Ridge

I’m guessing that Odd Mix and family at New Life Farm might recognize this view!


The water was so still that I was able to capture near-perfect reflections.

That's not algae!

That's not algae!

Between the still water and low volume in the river, we could look down from the bridge and see the riverbed below.

Then we got back into the car and drove to one of my favorite places.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

I took the above photograph from the same spot as the one below (180 degree turn)

John Brown's fort

John Brown's fort

At the confluence of the Shenandoah & Potomac rivers

At the confluence of the Shenandoah & Potomac rivers


On a sunny summer day, this view would include folks floating down the river in inflatable rafts. SuperDad & boys did this back in August.

crossing the Potomac for the 3rd time

crossing the Potomac for the 3rd time

At the end of this bridge is a spiral staircase. The open steel-work steps are a challenge for me visually, so I didn’t take any photos; I have to concentrate on walking up and down those steps without getting too dizzy.


canal and towpath

canal and towpath

lock 33 and lockmaster's house (?)

lock 33 and lockmaster's house (?)

An abandoned lifestyle almost before it began, this system of locks was made obsolete by the completion of the C&O railroad. Trains were faster and cheaper.


See the large white hotel on the hilltop? Someday we hope to eat at the restaurant and spend the night there.

walking in the woods

walking in the woods


Peek-a-boo views through leaves of gold


This little fella showed no fear at our quiet walking; he even followed us for a while.

The goal is in sight

The goal is in sight


Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Click on the photo to enlarge

Can you find John Brown’s “fort” – the armory he & his band of men took over in their ill-fated stand?
That is the Shenandoah River snaking toward you from the background.

SuperDad takes in the view

SuperDad takes in the view


Definitely GOLDEN.

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20 responses to “Golden

  1. Thanks for taking us all along on such a beautiful hike.

  2. You are right, the pictures are WAY prettier when we click to enlarge!

    Thanks for sharing and how great that y’all got away and you got a hike in too!

    Happy FWFD!!! YAY!

  3. Wow. Such gorgeous pictures! And so much history along the way – this was a fabulous post.

    I love the ruins and the remains of the bridge supports – am fascinated with that sort of historical stuff. Way out here in northern Alberta, there’s hardly anything of that kind.

    And I am so jealous of how warm and golden and pretty everything looks.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment at my blog! I thoroughly enjoyed your hike!

  4. These are beautiful!

  5. Those openwork spiral steps? I carried an hysterical 4-year-old down them, while backpacking an 18-month-old baby. Good times…

  6. The last shot is spectacular!!

  7. I’m envious of the part of the country you live in!! Beautiful!!
    We sometimes get to visit my SIL in W. Va…..gorgeous country!!!
    I get what I call ‘feet tingles’ whenever I get up high and can see below….ugh! Scary!!!
    Glad you had a date time…It’s necessary…especially with so much going on with urchins….Yay for you both!!

  8. oh my goodness, this is one of the best posts ANYBODY has ever put up!

  9. Nice pics from a day that must’ve been golden for the two of you.

  10. Thanks, everyone – and Welcome to Reb’s sister, The Bag Lady!
    Oh, there’s history out in N. Alta, and everywhere else, too — some of it is just history in the making. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I admit, we are very blessed to live where we do. I need to take advantage of this much more often. I seem to be the only one who wants to visit Gettysburg, but my mind tells me that the entire family is going to go — like it or not!!

    The weather was great and the hike was lovely, even tho’ we weren’t communicating very well that day. Something about an upcoming retirement and me needing to go get a paying job. Me, SENSITIVE? Ha! (It wasn’t funny at the time, but the hike helped me get it out of my system, and there’s nothing like a Sensitive Wife to get a man to AGREE to everything.)

  11. I want to go on one of your dates. Beautiful.

  12. Wow, that is lovely! Thanks for sharing your lovely walk with us. Looks much warmer than Sis’s hoar frost ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. What a beautiful hike. I’m sure you got in some wonderful quality time together!! FABULOUS!!

  14. Beautiful photos. I loved the last one. Our colors are all gone for the year. It is nice to see them again.
    Thanks for stopping by my site and helping with my project this month.

  15. Absolutely beautiful. What a great day for you to spend together.

  16. Breathtaking! Thanks for the spectacular shots–and we didn’t even have to do any of the hiking! Many thanks to the Bag Lady for pointing me in this direction.

  17. This was like a little vacation for me … thank you so much for sharing. It was *so* cool to see the canal locks, and the tow area. I knew of those from books but had never seen them. Thank you again!

  18. Wow.. what beautiful shots. You live in a great area – only a bike ride away. I’d be uneasy on those stairs too.. and I’m not sure about some of those heights so I’m glad the camera was in your hands. Gorgeous post all around.

  19. How beautiful! I’ve never been to Harper’s Ferry…and now I really want to go ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. GORRRRRRRGEOUS photos! man! i was pleasantly surprised when i got back from france last week – the area had really turned “fall” while i was gone, and since i didn’t see it happen gradually, the colors in all the trees around here was extra potent. i wish i’d gone into the mountains this weekend to take advantage!!