Thankfulness (revisited) and, A WINNER!

I am thankful for wonderful blogging friends. Whether you make me smile or make me think more deeply, you each brighten my day. Because the following people took the time to give their answers to my questions, I would like to give Caffienated Cowgirl, David, Farmer*sWife, Gary, Harry Martin, Jenn, and tt the following award:


I’d also like to thank Real Life Fairy Princess for giving up her secret recipe for making blog awards! (So please grab one for yourself, too!)

Last night I had SnakeMaster help me with the drawing:

Stirring up the folded papers and reaching in...

Stirring up the folded papers and reaching in...

Got one!

Got one!

And the winner is...

And the winner is...

Harry Martin of

Congratulations, Harry! I’ll need your address to send you the prize! (You should have my e-mail address in your blog records, somewhere…)
I know you will enjoy what I send you; I’ll keep the rest of us in suspense! 😉

Promise me you’ll blog it and link back here, pretty please?!? And maybe even pay-it-forward somehow, in your own way? Because that is how it came to be…

This drawing has been certified as fair and honest:

Cub Scout's honor!

Cub Scout's honor!

Thanks, everyone! I was blessed by your participation.

6 responses to “Thankfulness (revisited) and, A WINNER!

  1. bloggy friends are the best.

  2. I am thrilled and honored. Considering this award comes from one of my favorite bloggers, makes it even more special. I will treasure it.


  3. OH HOGS AND KISSES to your whoooooole family! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  4. Snake Master is too cute! Adorable! Hug him for me too! 😉

    YAY! Thanks for the award to post on my blog! And, good for Harry to win the “prize” after all he has saved all of us in $$$$$!!!!

    Hip! Hip! Hurray! It’s Harry’s Day!!!

  5. Yeah!!! I won, I won <— not a gracious victor. 🙂 … *Loved* the photos of the drawing itself, especially the cedrtification of “fair and honest.” 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness…how far behind am I?! Thank you so much for the kind award!!! You are far too sweet 🙂