I’m not a morning person

Yesterday was not a very productive day for me, at least not in the morning. I was dragging from lack of sleep (sometimes I just can’t shut down and SLEEP) and the morning was hectic for the boys because of it. Still, we manage. I did get my errands done, including mailing Harry‘s prize! Also fit in a trip to Costco, where I pretty much stuck to my list (there’s a concept!), picked up the fundraiser items at H-J’s school, and was home by 3 o’clock to meet SnakeMaster’s bus. Then I took a nap!

I made 3 batches of pumpkin spice friendship bread last night, plus oven fried catfish and homemade wheat bread–LOVE my bread machine!

I’m off to do some quick grocery shopping (stuff I couldn’t get at Costco), pick up a meds refill, come back and bake & cook for tonight. It’s my turn to provide dinner for the middle school youth group, but the guys at home need to eat, too! Go figure.

SnakeMaster is home today with a tender tummy. Last week he missed a day of school due to sinus pain and a bad cold, now it’s his stomach.  EB was falling asleep doing his homework yesterday afternoon, but I kept him awake until it was finished. He didn’t eat his usual 3-4 servings of supper (only had 2nds!) and he’s got that nasty cold, so I sent him to bed at 7:30pm with appropriate cold meds and a Tylenol PM. He slept until 7:30am, took more cold meds, and actually had time to eat breakfast after his shower (first time this week)!

How is your day going?


10 responses to “I’m not a morning person

  1. lol Wow.YOur schedule is fully booked huh? : O

  2. Poor sick kidlets. I hope everyone feels great soon.

  3. Aside from doubling as medic – about the same but without having slept poorly myself. Quite a few at work have colds… Hope I can avoid them!

  4. My Day? You have time to ask about my day? Aren’t you so sweet!

    Thank goodness no germs have followed the children home from school. Otherwise, I’m on a flying tangent just like you!


    Happy Thursday (1/2 way, anyhow)

  5. I am tired too…and catching a cold AGAIN. I went four years without a single cold and now I am coming down with my third one this year. What’s up with that?

  6. I did costco also. And I stuck to my list – with the exception of picking up 2 Christmas presents. Not bad.

  7. hey, when you bake? why not grab the camera and share with us?????

  8. Costco for me today. I did get a book that was not on the list, but really that’s pretty much sticking to the list.

    I hope everyone takes the weekend to get healthy.

  9. Mmm fresh baked bread! Is there anything better? I don’t even own a regular baking pan but I have a bread tin. Can’t imagine life without it. Do you make beer bread?

  10. My gosh, I feel so flattered you could squeeze in mailing the great prize! I guess I won’t complain that I need to leave and run one errand today. 🙂 (Dodging bullets) 🙂