The Cold, Hard Reality (I *heart* Stephan Pastis)

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9 responses to “The Cold, Hard Reality (I *heart* Stephan Pastis)

  1. Maybe if I made money at this, my husband wouldn’t wonder what I do with all my time??

  2. Cute. I haven’t made money, but I have been given free stuff to try and review. That is sort of like money.

  3. What, the 7 cents from adsense ads isn’t making you rich? Geeze!!

  4. Yep. If you factor in the time you spend and the books and other free stuff you get, I’m SURE we make money!

  5. i’ve gotten a few freebies myself, but while i may not be coming out ahead monetarily, the friendships i’ve made are priceless.

  6. I agree with Memarie Lane – it’s the friendships forged that are invaluable.
    In my country it’s not that easy to make money off a blog – some have become (in)famous from them, but I don’t think anyone can quit their day job because of a blog. Besides – isn’t it our day-time roles in life that provides us with stuff to write about?

  7. Money?
    We do this to change the world right?

  8. Memarie Lane said it perfectly: the friendships are PRICELESS!!

    And no, I’m not planning on advertising. 😉