Tonight is cold and spitting rain/sleet, so I thought a little atmosphere would do me good:


This is a sweet little glass pot with a stained glass design added by my loving DH (grouted instead of molten lead) and it looks wonderful with a lit candle in a darkened room.

6 responses to “atmosphere

  1. Sleet? Is it a little early in the season for that?

    I love winter, and even love snow, but I hate sleet.

  2. that’s gorgeous!!

    it was freezing raining when i left the gym tonight… so i stopped for a bottle of wine and some good cheese. 🙂

  3. He MADE that? For you? How awesome!!!!

    What an artistic skill. Geeze. Lucky, Gal you are!!!

    🙂 Stay warm. Burn holiday scented candles. Mmmmm, good sleep.

  4. Here it’s just above freezing and windy – that’s the reason why I was in such a frump last night. These sudden changes in temperature and barometric pressure plays havoc with my joints and mood…

  5. Green bean recipe: fresh from produce dept. Though, I think the flash frozen “fresh” will work just as well. 😉


  6. That is awesome! When it gets all gloomy around here (like last night!) I light candles. It just makes everything seem cozy.