WWC #62: Perfect and Flawed

I’m all about FLAWED. I’ve got that down solid. But PERFECT? Sheesh, the pressure of this assignment!

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When I am lucky enough to get a nice macro shot, I often discover that the PERFECT subject is FLAWED. This does not ruin the picture; to the contrary, a slight flaw often highlights perfection.

Less can be more. The moon reflects the sun.
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Now could someone please explain to me why I get a pink haze when I use a flash in a dark environment?
Nevermind that I left the flash on when I took this photograph of the moon… or that I really need a significantly improved telephoto lens if I’m going to take pictures of the moon!

That’s what I’ve got this morning.

I’m off today on a 6 hour field trip with seventy-zillion 7th graders.

The Weekly Words Challenge is brought to us by the flawlessly perfect Tink of Pickled Beef.

11 responses to “WWC #62: Perfect and Flawed

  1. hey nice pics, and you are SAINTLY for going on a field trip!!!!

  2. Beautiful pics. God bless you on the field trip. You are a better person than me.

  3. You have my sympathies! I would not survive a 6-hour field trip with that many kids.

  4. It is the imperfections that make things interesting.

  5. ‘Flaws’ in nature might have to do with the nature of things.

  6. Yeah, even I had a momentary freakout over that word. “Perfect?! Crap. What was I thinking?” Lol. But I think you used the words really well. 🙂

  7. Good luck with the kids.

    Very nice photos and interpretations as usual. 🙂 I like the iris especially, I seem to have trouble with those. :/

    What kind of camera/lens do you have?

  8. Oh geez louise, 70-something 7th-graders. You better hope there’s wine in the house when you get home!

  9. Lovely shots and well presented. Ah yes, I remember the field trip days well. Better you than me. 😉

  10. I dunno but I like the pink haze… it’s cool. 🙂 Great photos this week, wow may just be perfect!! Hee hee.

    Field trips… yikes!

  11. G-man: You asked about my camera: it’s a Cannon PowerShot A75, purchased 4 years ago. I’m hoping Santa brings me a new slim model that can live in my purse (and therefore go everywhere with me), since I can only dream of a nice big powerful lens.

    AJ: the pink haze is okay in this photo (just weird!) but it is annoying on many occasions.