Busy? Who, ME?

...visions of sugarplums...

...visions of sugarplums...

Welcome to December, the month of magical memories for children …and harried mothers.
I just KNOW the months and years slip by faster and faster as I age. It can’t ALL be perspective, can it?

Last night, my youngest had trouble settling down to sleep. I suggested he go back to bed and talk to Jesus, so he tried that. About 15 minutes later he was back and claiming he was still not tired. We chatted a bit while I checked e-mail, then I asked him what would help him go to sleep. He asked for “rockabye.”
Rockabye time phased out of our lives years ago, when little boys got too big for such things. SnakeMaster hung onto this gem the longest, as I suppose the baby of the family often does. I had nearly forgotten how sweet it is to hold a snuggly warm boy, rocking gently in the chair and singing softly. Perhaps it is especially precious when that snuggly warm boy is 9 years old.

Sadly, I don’t have a picture of that quiet moment, although I do have a picture of the rocking loveseat where it took place:

NOT "rockabye" time

NOT "rockabye" time

Just like that loveseat, this week is pretty full. Our usual weekdays begin before 5am, when you can find me pouring a cup of coffee for SuperDad to take with him, along with his packed-up breakfast and lunch. Then from 6:45-8:25am, it’s all kids, all the time. Fit in some exercise and a lot of errands before they start coming home again at 3pm. But besides all of that, here’s the real juggling act!

MONDAY: take MusicMan over to the church to practice handbells at 5:45pm. He usually gets the car but I need it tonight because I need to pick up H-J at his school at 6pm (he had after-school band rehearsal). Home in time to get SnakeMaster to his Cub Scout meeting at 6:30pm. Poor MM has to find his own ride over to the high school by 7pm for dance lessons (Victorian ball coming up in a few weeks). Someone from bells will be going; there are a number of teens in that group. I may or may not need to pick MM up at 9pm. Cub Scouts should be over at 7:30pm, and SM should be tired!

TUESDAY: enforce homework happening right after school because H-J has a band concert this evening. It starts at 7pm, but he has to be there early, and if we don’t all go in one car right then, there won’t be a parking place. Hopefully SuperDad got home on time or maybe even early? Remember to grab the 2 big bottles of V8 Splash for the reception afterwards (purchased and bagged, ready to go).

WEDNESDAY: Band Parent meeting at 7pm. Do I have something I am supposed to present? Hmmmm…

THURSDAY: drive the 45+ minutes to PWOC for a Christmas program. Have a wonderful time, then go grocery shopping at the Commissary. Talk nonstop the entire drive there and back with my fellow Army wife friend. Come home exhausted and maybe take a nap?

FRIDAY: is H-J’s 13th birthday. I don’t know what we’ll do today, but maybe he wants to go to the high school production of Sweeney Todd? Or maybe not…

SATURDAY: Heute ist St. Nikolastag. Last night the children set out a shoe (and hopefully put a note to American Santa in it!); sometime during the night St. Nikolas filled the shoe with goodies (and will deliver the note to American Santa for us). Can you say, Schokolade für Fruhstück? Ja, I knew you could! 🙂
MM needs to work fundraiser pickup from 8am – Noon. I’ll help him deliver fresh wreaths and poinsettias to 17 households after lunch. In the meantime, I’ve got a wreath-making and decorating workshop of my own to attend at 10am.
Book club is at 7:30pm, but I haven’t even picked up David Copperfield; they’ll get to discuss Dickens without me (and I’ll be the one missing out, I’m sure).

SUNDAY: okay, so this is actually the first day of next week but it’s busy so I’m counting it! Church in the morning, a quick lunch, then H-J’s party at the skate rink from 2-5pm. As of Monday, I was still trying to get the list of names for the invitations, so I hope at least half of the invitees can attend. And silly me, it is my week to feed the high school youth group during their meeting from 5-7pm. I can tell already I need to duplicate myself, because I can’t be in two places at once…with food hot and ready to feed hungry teenagers!


Luckily, I’ve got some posts already written in a spare moment or two and scheduled to publish without me being here. So if you stop by and say hello, I’ll return the favor as soon as I can. Which might be after I get back from some Christmas shopping!

Did I mention that SuperDad & I are both from families the same size as our own? And most of our siblings also married and procreated? And they all live across the country?

But hey, the Christmas letter is written and ready to print (after I buy some extra ink). All I need to do is print, sign and fold the letters and then insert them into envelopes that I will address and stamp.

All I need to do…



7 responses to “Busy? Who, ME?

  1. Your preparation is impressive. And your tribe of boys is darling!

  2. lately jessamine has been asking me to hold her like a baby and sing her baby songs. i don’t mind but my arms sure do get tired fast.

  3. Wow you sure have a busy sched but seem very organized.

    That moment between mother and son sounds beautiful. A moment of insecurity/sleeplessness put easily to rest. A camera would have been too intrusive. That’s one of those mental snapshots I wrote about not too far back. Lovely. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, I comend your organization, keeping track of all that! Best of luck with the week — and here’s to some rest in between 🙂

  5. I am jealous of your organization. I need a bit of that.

  6. I cannot think about Christmas until next Wednesday, after finals. I will have to hit the ground running though . . .!

    I hope it all goes smoothly.

  7. I envy your organization! I still need to purchase the outfits my kids will wear for their Christmas card pics.