Christmas Decorating

It’s December! And the noise you just heard was the big gulp in my throat as I consider that I am just starting nowhere near the end of my Christmas gift shopping.

I was just reading over at Harry‘s site about some stress-free decorating. If you want to avoid the “Santa just threw up” look, or maybe even just get a few new ideas this month, go check out

Disclaimer: Don’t look at ME for photos. You won’t find any pictures of Christmas decorations just yet. They’re all still in the boxes, except for the Advent wreath.

And if you are still searching for that perfect gift for someone? I’m going to try to help! Every few days I’ll try to post a few ideas. Today I’ll give some ideas from a great discount site, CBD online. I’ve had great luck ordering from them.

This one made me think of Farmer’s Wife:
(wouldn’t her Lil’Gal look cute in this?)


And who doesn’t want Peace on Earth?

It's a garden flag

It's a garden flag

If you are looking for a book that stimulates discussion, how about this one:


Yes, I’ve read it. Have you? If so, what did you think? (Some find it controversial, some don’t)

I’ll have a totally different website and gift ideas next time (maybe Wednesday?), just to mix things up a bit.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is the Weekly Words Challenge. Tink gave us the words ABUNDANCE and THANKS. I bet you could come up with some photographs to interpret those words! 😉


5 responses to “Christmas Decorating

  1. Thanks for the heads up on your web site — gonna have *two* great ideas this week that I already know of in addition to this post!

  2. Hohohohohoooooooooooooooo.
    Snake mugs: snake on the handle, on the side of the piece OR CRAWLING AROUND INSIDE THE MUG??????????????????????????????????

  3. Snakes have to stay outside the mug because SnakeMaster likes to have hot cocoa and I couldn’t stir it if a snake was hiding inside the mug…
    Now a snake curved around the mug and also as a handle? That would be awesome!!

  4. Hey! Great ideas and posts! I’ll be checking back! I will say that all of our Christmas decorating is done. Want some help at your place?

  5. Hey — could always just take pix of the decor IN the boxes — I mean, really, why bother hanging it all? Then you just have to take it down in a coupla weeks. And besides, you’ve got shopping to do!