WWC #63: Abundance and Thanks

Never more apparent than this past week, the Weekly Words Challenge has (to my knowledge) never claimed to be a meme of arbitrary words. Or maybe it has? I’ve certainly been stumped time and again. So I could certainly be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time. Athlete’s foot, athlete’s tongue. Whatever.
Anyhoo… certainly Tink must have been thinking of our recent holiday here in the U.S. when she came up with the words we had to work with this week!

For the ABUNDANCE of life, love, health, sons, and food…

The feast

The feast

…this family gives THANKS.

Alright already...take the picture!  We're hungry!!

Alright already...take the picture! We're hungry!

And then the pies went back to the kitchen or they would have eaten them first.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (and I know my Canadian friends celebrated their Day of Thanks in October).


For those of you who think I am terribly organized? I’m sitting here shaking my head. (My husband would probably be ROTFL.) Perhaps someday I will post a picture of my desk, or tell of how I only buy belated birthday cards. Rest assured, I just have a busy week! And because it is December, the entire month pretty much looks the same. Writing down the various activities doesn’t make them actually happen on time, but if it isn’t written down at all, it might not actually exist.


18 responses to “WWC #63: Abundance and Thanks

  1. Number one: I am always impressed by the gentlemen in your family–they always look so polite, so cheerful and friendly, just the kind of guys you would call in an emergency, or if you were organizing a BBQ and softball game.
    Number two: that IS an abundant and good looking Thanksgiving feast, and I BET they were impatient with you and the camera
    Number 3: those plates and bowls look superb.

  2. I love the family photo. How wholesome that your boys all have big glasses of milk!

  3. Gary: I just knew you would notice the dishes 😉

    Karen: Those 2 older boys? 16 oz glasses of milk. Those 2 younger boys? 12 oz glasses of milk. We go through 5+ gallons each week.

  4. Yeah, the family photo is great! I would eat the pies first too. 😉

  5. Love the plates.

    I hear you on the milk. MVP drank 3 gallons over the weekend–it’s a luxury; you can’t just go to the fridge for a glass of milk when you live in a dorm.

  6. hee, my parents always stock up on milk when they know i’m coming home. it’s my favorite beverage. skim only, though!!

    that feast looks AMAZING!

  7. Well done. That does look very appetizing. I want pie!

  8. Wow – great photos! Everything looks delicious. Now I’m hungry. Oh, wait, I haven’t had breakfast yet…….

  9. What a pretty layout! My family just piles everything into bowls all willy-nilly.

  10. Wow everyone had such delicious looking food at Thanksgiving. Funny how we all used mostly those photos, but I had to this week!

    Was a great time.

    Great pics!

  11. What Gary said.

    (And now you’ve got me thinking maybe I need to go buy my own cow for when the boys here get bigger….)

  12. Great-looking family, KC. I hear you about the milk. I went through SO much milk when my older guy lived at home and now when he returns for visits, even though he generally stays at his Dad’s place, he can still drain my meager 3 litres (1 gallon) in a couple of days.

  13. We are a two gallon a trip, milk family now too. And, that’s just for the two youngins. Though, when the family was down — I purchased three gallons. Because my collegiate brother will drink one all to himself.

    Your family is so handsome and they all look so loveable! That must be “you” rubbing off on them.


  14. [The loveable part; I wasn’t implying you are handsome — but they did grab a few good looks from “You”!]

  15. Oh, it looks so delicious! I’m so bummed I missed Thanksgiving 😦

  16. VERY nice WWC. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  17. Happy belated turkey day to you and yours!!! Picture was great…..but you aren’t in it 😦

  18. The dining room looks so much like mine, the light furniture, the wall color, the chair rail, the sheer curtains on the window in the background, the men…