The post that SHOULD have been

Yesterday. December 7th.

USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor

It happened on a Sunday morning 67 years ago.


*The flat upside-down T shape off to the lower left is where you disembark from the shuttle that takes you from Pearl Harbor out to the USS Arizona site.  From this photo above you can see the sunken ship (the memorial site is set perpendicular over the USS Arizona).  The names of all who died –on this ship alone– are inscribed on the wall of the memorial.


13 responses to “The post that SHOULD have been

  1. Thanks for the picture. It brings it back again to be thankful for our militia.

  2. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to live in Hawaii and visit this site often. My dad actually reenlisted on the Memorial. Too cool!

  3. I’ve never been to Hawaii or seen a similar photo before. It’s eerie to look at and must be quite moving to see it in person.

    Thanks for the history reminder.

    • Frank, that one is from the official website (I think… I took if from google images) but I have been there and it is a moving place to visit. My grandfather spent quite a bit of WWII on an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific.

  4. wow – very neat picture of what i can only assume is a very powerful memorial. sort of surprising we don’t have a pearl harbor memorial in dc, come to think of it. i mean, i know we have the WW2 memorial, but it’s not quite the same.

  5. I saw a documentary on Discovery a year or two ago about Pearl Harbour and I can understand all the feelings the place evokes in people.
    I really like the picture you have in your banner! As if I’m not about to have my fill of snow around my own neck of the woods!

  6. I have never seen this photo. I’m sure a lot of people have emotional thoughts on this day in history.
    Good post, great thought!


  7. That is a great photo. I have never been to Hawaii, but I can imagine the feeling that memorial must evoke. That was one of the first images I looked for when I loaded google earth and it is kind of freaky that you can see so much of the ship. I think I’ve mentioned before that my dad was a sailor in WWII and he & mom visited when they went to Hawaii decades ago and were very moved.

  8. You certainly may add me to your prayer list and our family. I thank you for this, you are wonderful.


  9. I’ve been there. Very sobering. Very beautiful.

  10. I spent the better half with the parentals yesterday talking about thier memories of that day. Mom remembers a good friend of her’s who was Japanese….being taken out of school and put in a camp later on. Sad time…but we must never forget!
    Great post babe!
    Hope you’re feeling better!!! You ARE too busy to be sick!

  11. I have heard it is quite an amazing experience. I hope to go someday.

  12. Wow. That picture is awe-inspiring. I would love the chance to visit that one day…