WWC #64: Mature and Immature

As I write this, it is Monday evening, and I nearly forgot about Tuesday’s  Weekly Words Challenge! Luckily,  Tink posted this evening, which reminded me that I needed to get BUSY!  Sort of like the evil magician in “Frosty the Snowman” — busy busy BUSY!

[total side note:  now that I’ve written that word 4 times in 2 sentences, it looks wrong!  I had to convince myself that I spelled BUSY correctly.  This does not bode well for my entry.]

Actually, since the words are MATURE and IMMATURE, I am probably in big trouble.  I have a husband and 4 sons; therefore, I have more than enough photographic blog fodder for these two words.  The question is, “Which photos can I use that won’t get me into trouble when they look at my blog?”

Or perhaps the question is, “How much do I care what they think about the photos I choose to post?”




IMMATURE behavior with "mature" beverages

IMMATURE behavior with "mature" beverages

Okay, I confess:  innocent children built the snowman but it was their immature mother who saw the melting snowman leaning drunkenly and then borrowed the neighbor’s recycling bin contents before snapping the photo.


MATURE adults (teachers! staff! administrators!) being a teensy bit IMMATURE for the sake of the school play.   God Bless them.


These 8th graders are being MATURE young men, performing as a clarinet trio for an “Arts Walk” at their middle school.  (Music Man on the right, with his 2 buddies from 3 years ago)

definitely IMMATURE

definitely IMMATURE

That one isn’t mine.  Just sayin’.

These two below?  They are mine.



And I am blessed to count these two as “mine” also…


Mature Lovemy beloved MIL & FIL at their 50th wedding anniversary party


11 responses to “WWC #64: Mature and Immature

  1. Great entries! I love the one of hubby with the bow in his hair. *Snort* Hey, is it snowing on your blog? 😀

  2. This was fun. I love the shots, and thanks!


  3. Loopy Sis in TX

    Borrowed from the neighbor’s recycle bin, huh…? Uh-huh… Hey – does the drunken snowman know our now infamous drunk chicken mascot? : ) -KC

  4. Those are awesome. The water fountain cracked me up. I never thought to do that to someone.
    (insert evil laugh here)

  5. your two boys at the drinking fountain totally cracks me up! and that snowman!!!!!!!!! KC!

  6. Since you have a house full of boys, I didn’t think you would have any trouble finding pics for “immature.” LOL

    Great job as usual!

  7. HA! Funny post and excellent pictures as usual. I have to agree that the fountain one is especially funny. Although the snowman is right up there too. 🙂

  8. What a great selection of photos. Most of which made me laugh out loud. Lovely photos of the in-laws. 🙂

  9. I always love your pics!!! And all of those ‘gift’ ideas….fabulous. thanks!! I loved the pillow…lol
    fil and mil look happy and loved. 🙂

  10. Your husband is a good sport–a sign of maturity!

  11. lol…loved them all.