A shopping we will go…


How are you coming along with your gift shopping?

I’d like to plead the 5th, but truthfully, I only have this week to finish up with the gifts I need to mail and I am pitifully behind the curve. How do you spell … oh, yeah: S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D.

I prefer to shop at home: no crowds and I don’t have to find a parking space. Two catalogs I enjoy are Signals (public TV) and Wireless (public radio) … although I am prevented from copying images and pasting them here, so you can’t see the t-shirts that say things like

Bad spelling makes me [sic].

English Major
You do the math

These and more can be found at http://www.thewirelesscatalog.com and http://www.signals.com and you can order until December 12th and still pay for regular shipping!


Another catalog I like to shop from is one called Catalog Favorites


Do you have a Harry Potter buff on your list? This sorting hat doesn’t come cheap (about $60) but if you use it for a birthday party game, that alone almost makes it worth the cost.

I've been threatening to buy this!

I've been threatening to buy this!

Could be for a duct tape lover, or maybe someone who can’t stand those Aflac ads… or a way to get around rules about T-shirt language…
SuperDad wants one but I haven’t caved (yet)



And if the last shirt doesn’t apply to you, this might scare something else out of you!


Bog Monster

For only $16.95 plus s/h, it could be yours! SuperDad would love to buy one and install it the next time we are visiting relatives…


I haven’t ever bought from a catalog called Potpourri http://www.potpourrigift.com but I do get it in my mailbox on a regular basis. This particular gift caught my eye and made me think of Mrs. G

decorative pillow

decorative pillow

It would go just fine with this t-shirt:



There are a few that I have seen around but can’t remember where:

Like this T-shirt


If you commented on Tink‘s WWC post yesterday, you might need this one!

And here’s something for all you dog lovers:

How about a door mat?

How about a door mat?

Well, that’s all I’ve got. There’s a reason I’m behind in my shopping! Good luck to you. 😛


17 responses to “A shopping we will go…

  1. OK I want the “English major…” and the dog mat!
    Too cool!!!!

  2. These are great! I love the HP hat, the 333 shirt and that weird toilet monster. 😀

  3. Love the dog mat and the “normal family” decoration! Fits us to a “tee”!

  4. Hahahha…there are several t-shirts I need to buy! Thanks for the links…

  5. I like the 333 shirt. That’s pretty funny.

    I’m done with my Christmas shopping. I’m just waiting for one thing to come in so I can make sure it’s what I wanted and then I can box things up and get them shipped by next Monday. That’s pretty good for me!

  6. You won’t see me sitting on the toilet anymore, unh unh, no way.
    BTW, I think UPS should deliver something for you today, must check that….

  7. I’m Done! I’m Done!

    Until I meet up with my son’s girlfriend, who has it all planned for us two to go shopping…

    I really like the duck t-shirt, although I’d hesitate to wear it anywhere near my students. I do yearly lectures for them about how offensive that f-word is to most English-speaking people – contrary to what most American movies might lead you to believe…

    • I agree about the wording, which is why I haven’t bought this shirt for my dh.

      I was hoping to get more shopping or prep-work done today, but my sinuses have sidelined me yet again…. that, and lack of sleep.

      Gary, a delivery has arrived! I’ll blog tomorrow. 🙂

  8. How Great! How Funny! I too hate fighting the crowds. I do it in bits and pieces. 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. i don’t want to talk about xmas shopping. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA.

  10. Fun stuff.. I want to go shopping with YOU!

  11. This is a big duck Christmas for LG — duck PJs, slippers, artwork, she’s big into ducks. She’d love the duck shirt here, but I just can’t do it. If she were a few years older, but …
    Nice collection 🙂

  12. I need that English major tshirt!

  13. These were great! Gonna check out the sites to see if I can snag the final 3 presents there. Thanks!

  14. Thanks again — just got 2 gifts in the “outlet” section of Signals, and stayed in the budget!

  15. Oh, those are some great shirts and things…love the Latte, and the dog door mat!

  16. OMG…I am LOVING the coffee pillow!

    Thankfully I am done shopping…early this year…which is strange because I am usually the one in the store on the morning of the 24th, looking for that last elusive gift 🙂