The sqealing and SqueeeEEEE-ing you just heard is mine. Sorry about your ear drums. But I just opened this box…



december-2008-054december-2008-053 Even the cat was curious.

And these are some seriously CUTE!!!!!! Oh. My. Goodness. How CUTE!!!


Seriously CUTE wee pots by Gary Rith
3 coffee cups to match my cup of coffee (off on the left) also by Gary Rith

piggy ornament

piggy ornament

And then there is that doggie wine bottle corker leaning against the cups, and this lovely piggy ornament (which means I really MUST put up my tree SOON). Seriously CUTE!

AND…. Can you keep a secret? Shhhh…. because Christmas is coming and I asked Gary if he could make a special gift for the SnakeMaster (my youngest son) for his morning cocoa… and of course Gary said yes he could! If you read Gary’s Blog you probably have already seen these:

Snake mugs for SnakeMaster!

Snake mugs for SnakeMaster! THANK YOU, GARY!!

Pictures do NOT do justice when it comes to Gary‘s creations.

Which is why your ears probably still hurt from all the squealing and SqueeeEEEE-ing over here in Kcinnova’s World. 😀


13 responses to “CUTE!!!!

  1. Very cool! Gary has crazy talent!

  2. Very cool indeed, and Gary does rock!

  3. Gary is the bestest ever!!! Im thinking everyone ‘heard’ my squeeeeeel when i got my stuff.
    Yay for ya’ll!!!!

  4. Aww those are indeed cute! And I’m sure my hearing will return shortly.

  5. OMG!!! I am squeeling too! I absolutely ADORE pottery in this style…oh, I need to get my hands on some!

  6. I make that exact same sound when a Gary box gets to my house.

  7. Me Too! squeeee!!!

    I need a piggie ornament now too!

  8. What? All those boys and you’re not worried about breakables?

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I think some of my commenters are living in an alternate universe, where children “helping” with the cookie baking makes it easier and teens are only too eager to drop everything they are doing to help. Also, where no one has any laundry or dinner-making to do in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

  9. Those are awesome! I am off to visit his site now.

  10. Gary is a pottery genius! those are wonderful!!

  11. Those are adorable! Gary does such nice work.