I scored a 55 (or, How I am NOT a Neat Freak)

I was visiting Jacki this morning and she challenged me to  take a Neat Freak Quiz. I’ve posted my score as the post title (does this make any of you want to run away screaming?), and below is what the computer-generated answer said about me (my own comments in red).


Well you’re not Captain Cleanliness or anything, but you definitely don’t live in the presence of evil bacteria and dust bunnies. (No dust bunnies?  Um, they breed like…well, like RABBITS around here!  Pardon me while I get out the swiffer…) In other words, you like your living space to be neat and tidy (why yes, yes I do — sadly, very few people help me to keep it that way so there are days when I give up the fight), but you don’t go haywire with the cleaning agents and antibacterial sprays. Sure, you may leave dishes overnight rather than washing them after every use, but you definitely wouldn’t leave them for days! (Uh, are we talking about dirty dishes or rinsed-off dishes that need to be washed by hand in the sink?) Most things have their own space at your place — but like many households, you may have that miscellaneous “junk drawer” to keep items that don’t really belong anywhere. (I also have flat surfaces that are magnets for paper clutter.  Very STRONG magnets.) Your home and work area at school or at your job can get a little messy occasionally (occasionally??) , but you rarely let it turn into absolute chaos. (These people have NOT been in my home lately.  Trust me, the clutter monster has been projectile vomiting.) Just keep in mind that whether you like it or not, people will judge you by how clean you keep your home (OUCH), so make sure to leave a nice, lemony-fresh impression!  (This message brought to you by SuperDad, who would like to come home to a nice, lemony-fresh impression.)


Well, folks, Evil Bacteria is not my problem (Big Relief there!!) but  clearly, I did not do very well on the rest of the quiz.  I now DARE you to take your own Neat Freak Quiz and let me know your score in the comment section!


15 responses to “I scored a 55 (or, How I am NOT a Neat Freak)

  1. Loopy Sis in TX


    You’re the neatest freak in the world. You whip out the cleaning agents and antibacterial sprays and go haywire! In other words, not only do you like your house tidy and organized, but you also likely go out of your way to make sure not a crumb or dust bunny is in sight. When you eat something, you likely don’t even wait until the end of the day to do one big wash — rather you wash dish by dish as you use them to prevent a cluttered counter of dishware, goo and grime. Whether at home, school or work, everything has its place, which means when you need to find something, you’re not searching around for an hour under junk to find it. Keeping a tidy and clean living space says a lot about a person. Whether you like it or not, people will judge you by how clean you keep you humble abode. Your space likely says that you’re an organized and clean person, all very attractive traits to have. Way to go!

  2. I got a 60 which gave me the same blurb as the first commenter but I think I should have had the message you got instead. I’m never home to be paranoid about constant cleaning.

  3. I scored a 90–no surprise there!

  4. Pleeeeeeaze! I’m no neat-freak and I don’t feel anyone else should be either- chill! Lady chill!

  5. Surprise, surprise, I scored a 90. The only thing that brought my score down is that I am guilty of finding an item in the back of the fridge occassionally, creating penicillan. 🙂

  6. Well, so far we are even… half-n-half, so to speak.
    Harry, Jenn, and Loopy Sis – I think I could have predicted your scores. 😉

    Anyone else?

  7. Hangs head in shame “45”

  8. ooooph, don’t ask

  9. Hahaha! Your house sounds remarkably similar to mine…
    …I too have piles of paper waiting to be attended to, dust bunnies breed happily and there’s always a pile of crockery waiting to go in the dishwasher!
    The loo is always clean…

    I suspect my score will be low….but I might ask Jenn to stay!

  10. I’m not even going to click on the link. I’m askeerd of taking this test!

  11. 45, gives the same blurb as yours does. I used to be much better, but then I got over it! 😉

  12. Surprisingly an “80” — no mention in the test of clutter on the table tops, hearth, ottoman, end tables, desks, counters, top of fridge, and the bedroom that was once an elder son’s. Right now once younger son’s bedroom is picked up ready for both to use when they come home for Christmas.

  13. Hahaha….I too struggle with keeping up with clutter, but not because I am the cause of it. For some reason the kitchen counters become paper and clutter magnets and it drives me crazy!

  14. I am definitely NOT a neat freak. I don’t even have to take the test; all I need do is look at my desk!

  15. How on earth could I get a 70 when I have dishes piled in the kitchen, don’t clean my bathroom, have a wildly cluttered desk (2!) and only use cleaners when necessary? Sheesh. “Neatest person in teh world, my patoot.