Monday before Christmas

The kids are out of school and hoping to sleep ’til noon (except for the ones who are too excited about Christmas). Of course, moms everywhere have TONS to do, making the Christmas magic happen on time.

Over at Moo’s Moo today, we’re talking about greed.

And I’m frantically baking cookies.

What are you doing today?

8 responses to “Monday before Christmas

  1. I’m working *grumblegrumble*. But that’s OK. I don’t plan on getting much done today. 😉

    What kind of cookies are you making?

  2. Not baking yet — I have to take EB to a lifeguard class — but I need to make some lovely Christmas tarts. I’ll post the pics and recipe when done! I also need to make my Stollen… too much to do, not enough time to do it all in!

  3. I need to bake some more cookies for Santa! The children ate them all (I think so we could bake some more) 😉

    I have mountains of clothes needing hanging and it’s three days before Christmas and only one present is wrapped under the tree. Totally unlike me.

    I’m off to finally write that review while my youngin’s sleep in! I let them stay/kept them up late last night so I could have some morning time to work!


  4. working working working KC…….that is what I am doing 🙂

  5. I’m bouncing between work and holiday tasks. Art just drove the Christmas cards to the Post Office and luckily my new business cards arrived right before I was gonna lick the envelopes. Stayed up till 3 a.m. last night, studding oranges with cloves as a decoration for our buffet table. Fun, mindless task (especially with a Gin and Tonic beside you) 🙂

    Gonna go do the produce shopping for Christmas Day night dinner in about an hour, as soon as I wrap up two more work emails and a call. After I get all the produce home, gonna wash it all, chop some, and then make some (oh so gourmet) Hamburger Helper for dinner. 🙂

    Hope the cookies and tarts get done.

  6. working working working. AM NOT HAPPY. boo 😦

  7. I made dinner. I am so behind. So tomorrow, I will commence panicking.

  8. I had to work today, then run around, then work some more. I don’t know, I think we should delay Christmas a day or two, does that work for everyone?