Tuesday update

Turns out, I lied. Not knowingly, of course! But yesterday, when I said I was frantically baking cookies? Umm, no. I was actually in the mother taxi, ferrying EB to lifeguarding class (45 minutes one way), doing my own last minute Christmas shopping (because I realized on Saturday night that I forgot to get a few gifts so that my own husband and kids would have something to open!), taking kids to do their Christmas shopping (to give them credit, they have been asking to go for the past 10 days–school sort of got in the way), getting MusicMan to handbell rehearsal).  And oh, yeah, I have to drive in rush hour traffic to pick EB up from his lifeguarding class at 6pm!  Then MM calls at 9:20pm for a ride home from the 2nd handbell rehearsal.  Sometime in there I read a few blogs and answered a few e-mail messages and wrapped a few gifts.

Today is another lifeguarding class (repeat next Monday and Tuesday).  I have a training session to attend (new format for the newsletter, coming to local mailboxes January 1st…or 2nd, or whatever) plus a trip to buy more crickets for “Spots” the gecko (the critter needs to eat, and the pet store was waiting for today’s shipment).  We’re down to our last 2 gallons of milk.  Did anyone notice that Christmas is this Thursday??

So…. I really do plan on baking cookies today…and Stollen.    And making dinner (something else that didn’t happen last night because I was driving in rush hour traffic instead).

I feel like the evil magician in Frosty the Snowman.  You know, at the end of the show?  After Santa chastises him?  And he runs down the snowy hills calling out that he’s got to get busy, busy, busy!

Yeah, that’s me today. 


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