It took us 3 additional days, but we finally ate Christmas dinner.
No, I didn’t take pictures, but it was ham, baked sweet potatoes, fresh green beans, and rosemary/olive oil bread (thank you, Costco!) with butter. Dessert? Christmas cookies and your choice of egg nog ice cream or peppermint candy ice cream. I should’ve made pies (pumpkin, apple) but I decided to let go of perfection and enjoy having company.


18 responses to “FINALLY!

  1. Letting go of perfectionism–now that’s the Christmas spirit!

  2. Letting go of perfection is a worthy New Years goal for all women…letting go of perfection can equal happiness. I am glad you and your family were finally able to have your Christmas dinner…here is to continued health.

  3. Tis the season for feasting, yes indeedy….

  4. I am also a big Olive bread fan from Costco. Nice post, hope you have a continued fab festive week!


  5. Sounds like perfection to me!

  6. Sounds like the best Christmas! Sometimes you just have to let go for things to work out.

  7. That is the perfect Christmas dinner! I am glad you liked the lemon drops.

  8. Letting go truly is the perfection part. A great lesson from a simple gesture.

  9. We just finished up the “New Years” cookies today, glazing them.

    We don’t normally do “New Year’s” cookies but we didn’t make as many cut out cookies for Christmas and we ran out.

    Hmmmm, maybe this will become a new tradition afterall. The recipe came from Another Online Mom and it’s cream cheese sugar cookies and they are awesome!

    Happy Holidays! And, Ham! YUM!

  10. Now I want another Christmas dinner. Or at least that bread and some eggnog ice cream.

  11. A very Merry (and belated) Christmas to you and yours…and wishes for a brighter New Year! 🙂

  12. I hope it wasn’t cooking that long. 😉

  13. Better late than never when it comes to that menu. Happy New Year Friend!

  14. Mmmmm … I love Christmas. 😀

  15. The menu sounded delicious! Glad you could enjoy a relaxing, wonderful dinner.

  16. I lost your email address! Darnit! If you have the Saving Suppers book, then you need to enter under GiveAways for the Saving Suppers for the Holidays book!

    It too is fab, and broken down with meal plans, ideas, shopping lists for every holiday!

  17. I thought of you today when I was thinking of icecream pie. I used to “make dessert” for my family the easy way and would order my favorite shakes at the local ice cream place and pour them into graham cracker crusts. You put a little cool whip on top and toss it in the freezer. It’s delicious and no effort whatsoever.

  18. Glass Half Empty

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas visit with your family; and a Great Dinner! YUM! Happy New Year!