This post is partially inspired by Moo and Farmer*sWife.
So you can blame them.

It’s a weird day. I was really tired this morning, so after all the kids got off to school, I rolled back into bed for a nap.
I rarely remember having dreams. I suspect I don’t often make it into dream state.

::side tangent

::Where’s my sleep study??::

end side tangent::

But boy howdy! This was some weird dream. I was in a super-weird Easter/Resurrection themed story (maybe a play?) and I was trying to emerge from the phone-booth fake coffin for the final scene. BUT while changing my costume, I got all tangled up and my arrival on stage and my lines were all late and discombobulated. At this point, I woke up… tangled in the quilt and it took me 2 minutes to find my way out to look at the clock. It was almost noon. Now I’m well-rested but can’t remember what the heck I was supposed to get done today.

Oh, yeah: clean the house, deal with the mountain of laundry, maybe go to Costco.

It has come to my attention that I am possibly the only one who can pronounce my blog name. Let’s correct that, shall we?

  1. It is NOT pronounced “Cat – Chin- Nova” as some of the people I live with have been saying. My chin looks nothing like a cat’s chin. My cat’s chin is much nicer looking and her whiskers are actually very useful.
  2. As a few exceedingly smart and in-the-know people have figured out, Kcinnova actually stands for something. SuperDad is military and military folks love their acronyms. However, unlike many military acronyms, Kcinnova doesn’t stand for anything obscene. Nothing fubar around here.
  3. The PROPER pronunciation sounds exactly like Casanova.

Merely because I find that to be hilariously funny.
I am a one-hawt-man woman —as opposed to a many-women man [the “real” Casanova] OR a hawt man like Heath Ledger [who played the part of the real Casanova]. Also, I am not Italian.


16 responses to “DIScomBOBulated

  1. So, I have been pronouncing it right! Of course not being military I have no idea what it stands for will you clue us in?

    As for the dream, um, I can see tangled and discombobulated, but, the phone booth/coffin is a bit scary 😉

  2. I always said it “kay cee innova.” Then a couple weeks ago Brad said, “I love this comment from Case-anova.” And I was like, “who??? oh!”

  3. There is a dream theme in the blogosphere as of late.
    I have always like the creativity of your name. I remember assuming you were a guy at first. Mmmmm Heath Ledger was great in that movie.

  4. well, I got it long ago, sure: Casanova!
    I think fubar is a pretty term actually!

  5. Oh wait, that’s what it means?

  6. I thought it was Kay-sin-nova. I miss Heath Ledger. 😦

  7. Okay, I know what fubar is and snafu too, I just get confused easily. I assumed the pronunciation was like the renowned lover is there more? and do I really want to know? 😉

  8. I was saying it like Farmer’s Wife. I crawled back into bed this morning too–and slept like a log until 10. Which is why I’m doing laundry at 9:30 p.m.!

  9. I figured it out the other day, coincidentally enough…but what will you do when you move?

  10. Colour me stupid I guess. Always the last to get anything. Now I know.

  11. you cracked me up! 🙂 Discombobulated is on of my absolute favorite words…seriously. And of course…being retired military..fubar is a common term for us…naughty but common. lol
    I have psycho dreams all the time…ugh….but yours takes the cake. Most of them I had when I ‘did’ climb back into bed for a few extra winks…I finally just quit doing that.
    Happy January gal!

  12. I thought it was K.C. in NOVA given your proximity to me, and making some assumptions. 🙂

    That is a strange dream. Lately my alarm clock has interrupted a dream every morning. No wonder I am so tired and grumpy.

  13. I’ve been pronouncing it K C in No Va and assume that your initials are KC and that you live in Northern Virgina (at first I thought Nova Scotia but I know you’re not Canadian, eh?)