National Delurking Day 2009



Break free from your anonymity — it’s National Delurking Day!


Today is the day, folks!  Be more than a “runner” — be a “winner”  — make my day and leave  a comment!**


I’ll be back tomorrow with the first Weekly Words Challenge of 2009. 😛


**If you’re new here, please note this is a G-rated blog!


16 responses to “National Delurking Day 2009

  1. Well. I am open reader…not a lurker. But, I think it would be great if lurkers and open readers, both commented today, so that we could see how many comments we can all gather. Happy Delurking Day!

  2. I comment when I can, I just wish many comment areas of blogs, did not require the constant “filling out of forms”. You my good friend would get a lot more comments, from me included, if I did not have to type the three things all the time. Is there not a way to “register” so I don’t have to do it each time?
    I know it sounds a bit lazy, but by the time I do all that, I end up shortening my comment.


  3. David,
    I, too, wish there was an easier way – esp. for trusted bloggers like you. I know it is a pain to fill out those forms that keep the spammers away.
    I use Flock (a social networking browser) for blogging most of the time, because it remembers my ID for me. That way, I only have to write in a capcha (or whatever it’s called).

  4. I ‘m delurking. I think I prefer the Star Trek term “de-cloaking”.


  5. comment, comment, comment! 🙂

  6. Hmm I find that whenever I return to individual WordPress blogs, the info is already filled our for me. I only have to come up with it for new blogs. I assumed it was a Firefox thing but maybe it’s a Mac thing.

  7. I stop by all the time and I comment when I can. When I do my blogging from the iphone, it is sometimes a pain to comment on wordpress sites because my info is not saved in there. And I am lazy.

    As mentioned above, the info is saved in my actual computer, it is just an issue on the iphone.

    But I love to stop by and see photos of the your family. It looks like life with your boys is always an adventure.

  8. Does this make me a “Lurky Loo”? -Ksren

  9. I think it’s Firefox “remembering” us…
    As for getting people to delurk – how I want readers in Sweden to do that! I encourage people to comment, but to no avail…

  10. rock on KC, ROCK ON! and congrats on the prize at FW’s!

  11. Happy Delurking Day! I think we should make this one of those booze-drinking holidays. 😉

  12. Happy Delurking Day.

    Tink’s right. We should all drink in honor of this day.

    Of course, Tink is always right. 😉

  13. Seeing KCINNOTX comments makes me wonder–is the VA in your name for Virgina?

  14. i’m not really a lurker… but HI HI HI!

  15. I’m not a lurker but a reader. It is nice to keep up to date on your doings, KC. I’m happy that your blog keeps you just a few keystrokes away in an instant. I miss seeing you in person, though.

  16. Well now. How on earth did I miss out on National De-lurking day? I do come here and look around, sometimes commenting, sometimes not. It all depends on how much time I have. Some days are just so silly crazy! I’m sure you know the feeling!