WWC goes Retro

The Weekly Words Challenge is back from its extended Christmas/New Years holiday! Sort of.

Tink asked us to post our favorite pics from 2008 for today… THEN she’ll give us our first themed assignment for 2009. Some of these have never been posted before, so today isn’t all reruns. 😛

Frozen Brass Bunny

Taken last January when we actually HAD snow. Apparently SOME locales are hogging all of the white stuff this winter and not sharing with the rest of us!


The kids had 2 days off in February due to icy conditions. I’ve decided that Northern Virginia gets freezing rain more often than snow, but at least it does make for some nice photographs! This is the rhododendron bush in front of our house.


One of the WWC assignments in March was STONE and GLASS. I had a hard time choosing a favorite from this month!

Stone house on main street

Please bear with me while I share a few more…





breaking waves

Those 3 photos above were posted in early April but taken in mid-March on our Spring break trip to the beach.

Officially on to April

one zombie

SnakeMaster’s best bud from the neighborhood had a food-fight themed party. The zombie above is another guest; SM is pictured below.

One happy party guest

April showers (of flour???) bring May flowers


and a visit from my dad. 😀

posing with my dad last night

In June there was a …



I'm ignoring you...

I'm ignoring you...

along with MYSTERY and CHAOS and a wee incident at town hall. (BTW, they now have a new porch roof with solid “legs” — I’ll try to remember to get some pictures.) And then there were the photos I took from the younger boys’ summer haircuts…

H-J's summer haircut, front view

H-J's summer haircut, front view

back view of H-J's summer cut

back view of H-J's summer cut

That post is responsible for my all-time high record hits (total strangers probably think we are crazy).

OK – on to July and vacation!

two-headed turtle

two-headed turtle

Joining the parade

Joining the parade

This particular picture isn’t a great one, but it tells a good story: we were situated at the end of the parade route and by the time the folks got to us, most were out of candy. SuperDad to the rescue! He & MusicMan trotted over to the local grocery store, bought a couple bags of candy, and jumped onto the parade route at the start of our street, tossing candy out to the kids.

Aw, shucks... it was nothin'!

Aw, shucks... it was nothin'!

But this same 17yo wasn’t as compliant the next morning…

We tried to cheer him up!

We tried to cheer him up!

In the end, you leave the neighborhood parade to the younger set:



July is bracketed with birthdays (she-cousin turned 10, SM turned 9)

SnakeMaster with his Snake Cake

SnakeMaster with his Snake Cake

On to August! (boy this is getting long…)


SOUR and SALTY… 2 important ingredients for one of my faves



September wildflowers

September wildflowers

September storm clouds

September storm clouds


a green tree monkey

a green tree monkey

SnakeMaster showing off his mad skillz and his new T-shirt (“I play green”) courtesy of the prize-winning department over at Root & Sprout.


Potomac River at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia



Leaving October, entering November






That’s my best of 2008.  I hope to be viewing your retro pics over the next 2 days (depending on the speed of my computer…it’s been pretty slow lately).  Remember to check in with Tink for our first themed assignment for 2009, due next Tuesday!



22 responses to “WWC goes Retro

  1. Oooooooo..I loved your pics!! Especially the window. That’s framable!!!
    Great family shots too.
    You, my dear lady are blessed!

  2. Great photos. I did the trip down memory lane also.

  3. Wonderful photos.. all of them. I too, like the close up of the window.. it’s perfect. And the kidlets.. and the critters.. and well all of them really. 🙂

  4. That was awesome. What a great recap! I love that your husband went to get more candy and tossed for the kids. What a great guy.

  5. I am so sick of no snow. I have a picture of David on that pedestrian bridge in a snit because Larry wouldn’t let him walk in the (safe) middle of it.

  6. Hard to pick a favorite, there’s so many cool shots! I really liked the frozen rhodie and the window reflection and the bridge over the Potomac!

  7. I love the way you took us through the entire year in pictures like that. Well done!

  8. you have posted many great ones, but this is your best post ever! That one of your son in goggles covered with flour, oh MAAAAN!

  9. Most excellent!! I recall some of those too. You certainly have a way with your camera!!

  10. A very fine recap of your 2008!!! I must say! I love the snake cake… and all of the pics. I can’t pick a favorite either!

    I am really excited to see what we all photograph for 2009!

    Still playing catch up, AJ

  11. Lovely! I like the time line effect you gave us. The frozen rhododendrons are wonderful.

  12. Love the pics!

    Also love the shots of the boys. Picking the statue’s nose is my favorite! And I need the details on throwing a food fight party! My boys would love that!

    Thanks for your post yesterday and good to get to know you a bit more!

    Boy Mom’s Rock!

  13. What a great “year in review!” I may have to steal this idea sometime….

  14. PS…yes, I agree. The other side of the country is stealing all the snow!

  15. I loved the Stone and Glass ones both the first time and now.

  16. superdad indeed! what a good guy. it’s funny how parade practises vary from state to state. when i lived in CA nothing got thrown. In FL, they threw beads and candy. Here in NM they throw candy, and the crowd squirts the paraders with high powered squirt guns.

  17. the breaking waves are awesome, but OMG!!! Did I just see a two headed turtle???!!!
    Great choices, all of them. West Virginia does have some beautiful landscape, doesn’t it?

  18. this makes me want to go back through all my 2008 photos… but there are just so MANY, yikes!

  19. Those are all excellent. I like how you used them to do a year in review too. The monkeyshine is still my favorite, although the iced over plants and the snake come in close seconds. I can’t wait to see what you take in ’09. 🙂

  20. Great job! And, I’m lucky enough to remember several of those!

  21. Excellent year in review!! You are very talented, and some of those photos are incredible! I loved the reflection in the window… it’s really hard to pick a favourite!