One hour late for THIS?


Okay, so it is COLD out there, about20 F plus a wind chill that probably puts us in the single digits. But for this, school is delayed one hour??


15 responses to “One hour late for THIS?

  1. Yeah, we have a foot and it is 10 with a feels like temp of 0 right now…but no school delay here. Funny how different regions react differently.

  2. I’ll trade ya! -24C and sunny this morning. The van was NOT pleased when I started it. 😉

  3. heck, why have school at all? kids can stay home and drink cocoa and read books all day and then go out and make snowmen!

  4. Is it icy? We had about 3 inches and no delay in our town. Blah!

  5. The boy stayed home today. Minus thirty C, knows no proper clothing!

  6. roflmao! Thanks for the laugh! I find it so funny how areas that don’t normally get snow react. Unless I am there and have to drive with them.

  7. Snort. Sbicker…
    Head on over to my blog!
    Our school operates even though we have temperatures below -30C – can’t even remember when it was closed due to the temperature – if it has ever happened in modern times!

  8. *snicker*
    W.H.E.N. am I going to start editing before pressing Submit???

  9. there wasn’t even any snow left on the ground at my house when i left… a dusting out here in sterling, but STILL. nova is pretty ridiculous about this sort of thing 🙂

  10. Dorothy Zendejas

    WOW, soooo cold out there!!! I’m so thankful that so far, we have only gone as low as 30 degrees, but it always comes up to at least 60s at mid day.
    Hope it doesn’t last too much long for y’all!
    Stay warm!

  11. Dorothy Zendejas

    0ops! Did same thing as Allmycke. That word should be *longer* — Snicker…. 🙂

  12. HA!

    We had counties who canceled today too, we had less then you, we went. It seems that the rule is determined by the number of flakes. (pun intended 😉

  13. G-man, if it was determined by the number of flakes, my kids would never go to school. 😉

  14. HAHAHA…yeah our schools here in Fauquier were delayed 2 hours, and I still do not know why! It’s stupid.