To Go or Not To Go… That is the Question

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I have an opportunity to witness history in person on Tuesday.

Thing is, I don’t like crowds, and it will be freezing cold. I’d prefer to be warm & safe at home, not standing among strangers. What if I have a nap attack?! There won’t be anyplace I can lie down for a rest. It will be a really L-O-N-G day.

So what would you do? Attend the nation’s biggest Par-Tay, or stay home**?

**For those staying home and watching the Inauguration on TV: SuperDad suggested a drinking game: every time the talking heads say “Historic” — take a drink! 😛


15 responses to “To Go or Not To Go… That is the Question

  1. Hey! Tell SuperDad that’s a great idea! And, we bloggies can all be signed on and play together. We’ll see who’s fingers slurr across the keyboard first! LOL!

    Historic! Kay, that was just for practice!

  2. Naw, I wouldn’t go. Doubt if I’ll watch it either. What I will watch will be the coming weeks and years when hopefully some of these messes get cleaned up (YES, you guessed it KC, I never go anywhere, esp into a crowd)

  3. You have to go…..but wear a depends just in case 🙂 That would be my greatest worry…no place to pee!

  4. If we drink every time someone says “historic” we’ll all be bombed hours before the actual swearing in.

    I’ve watched every single swearing in as long as I can remember. It would be an amazing experience, but I wouldn’t get out in those crowds for anything.

  5. I’d go. Given the opportunity, wouldn’t you want to witness history?

    Jay’s right. Less than an hour and everybody’s looped.

  6. Mary Alice: that is exactly what I’m worried about, too! (I’ve had 4 kids, remember?)

    Jay, maybe if we only had a sip we’d make it to one o’clock?
    Like you, I’ve watched every inauguration on TV for as long as I can remember. My first political memories are of Watergate–and yes, I watched Nixon leave the White House. Gerald Ford was the first president I remember being sworn into office.

    Gary: Oh, but how can you NOT watch?

    Gordo, as far as witnessing history, I’d have a lot better chance of actually SEEING it if I stayed home.
    Alice (check my blogroll) is going to be there on the mall. Part of me wants to be there, too… but…

  7. FW: A neighbor is having a party and I am invited. There will be Obama-tinis, Credit Crunch, and “bailout” served with a ladle.

  8. I have all the same likes and dislikes as you and yet . . . there is NO way I would miss it I had the chance. One day of discomfort versus witnessing history? No contest.

  9. You wouldn’t get me in a crowd that big for all the tea in China! Besides, SuperDad’s idea sounds like more fun 😉

  10. I look at it like watching the super bowl….you see way more on TV than in person. I’d stay…I think……..I’d be too busy looking for the porta-pottie and people watching ( looking for celebrities) than paying attention to the actual event. Would you actually be seated??? or just in a standing croud? That would make a difference too I think…
    the drinking game sounds fun though…hummmm….The party starts when?

  11. You have to go!

  12. If given the chance to be part of history live, I would be there.

  13. I would say that there is a lot of support for going. It is certainly a good debate. There will be plenty of replay for the rest of the week on tv and web–CNN will make some spectacular replay. You should definitely go. Take a camera and become an independent reporter.
    The inaugural party sounds like a lot of fun–drink up on that TARP grog. 😉

  14. Did you get a golden ticket? Or you’re just planning to be there with the masses?

    Myself, I’d love to be there on Sunday – that will be some party! Don’t think it will happen though.

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