The Decision


imagine this full of 2 million people (note the teeny-tiny cars off on the right-hand side)

A.K.A., The Intervention

At supper tonight, I continued my self-torture agonizing over “to go or not to go.” Finally, my family wearied of my blather and intervened.

First to stand in the intervention lineup was SnakeMaster. He said, “I guess I’ll go.” Of course, I had to talk him out of it –he would be miserable: cold, tired, unable to see anything but elbows and backs, no place to sit down, etc., etc. Give me a break, he’s only 9 years old and I’d have to spend all my energy taking care of him and trying to not lose him in the crowds.


Then the other boys reiterated that they didn’t want to go. I tried to convince H-J that his teacher might give him extra credit (he’s taking US History this year) but he pointed out that he already has an A+ in that class.

SuperDad stepped in at this point and said I should go so he would have bragging rights (“My wife was there”). Mostly I think he just wanted me to shut up about it. His voice was convincing, but… I started making excuses. I believe it was MusicMan who said,

Geez Louise, Mom, just DECIDE!!

Humorous-Juniorous grabbed pencil and paper and began to make a list of Pros and Cons about going into The City for the inauguration of our 44th President.
On the Pros side were things like “if you go, you won’t feel guilty later” … “One and Only Chance” … Carpe Diem … personal bragging rights (“I was THERE”) for the rest of my life.
On the Cons side were things like “it will be very crowded” … lineups for nasty port-a-potties … “will be missed at home” (Awwwww) … no one was willing to massage my aching feet and legs for the next 3 weeks.

Finally, SuperDad said, “Do you want to know what I really think?”

“Stay Home You Silly Meatball”

Yes, he did say that. I had to shush the boys from laughing so I could hear the rest.
SuperDad went on to talk about how flippin’ cold it was at the train station last week, how the seats are narrower than my hips (oh yes he did), how hot it would be on the packed train, how crowded Union Station would be. How I’d “be waddling like a penguin” (oh yes, he did!!) in all that cold-weather gear. He pointed out that Union Station is on the wrong side (behind the Capitol Building) and I’d have no way to get to The Mall (in front of the Capitol Building) except to battle my way through that crowd on a very long walk.
He finished by saying, “Under the best of circumstances, it will suck.”

I concur. And according to my unscientific polling in the comment section of my previous post, half of you agree with me; the other half of you think I am denying myself the opportunity of a lifetime.

So, call me a wimpy party-pooper if you must, but I’m going to stay warm, with comfortable seating, where I can ensure that my children also see & hear the inauguration of our 44th President (their first time, since it is not a school day for us). My family needs me at home.

Oh, and one final word: BATHROOMS


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17 responses to “The Decision

  1. Wise decision. You could not pay me to go – and that is despite the fact that he was not my choice for president.

    I don’t do crowds.

  2. It would be amazing to go.

    and yet I am very, very glad that I cannot.

  3. Good for you! I have been talked into “oh, you will remember it for the rest of your life” things like that and hated mostly every minute of them. I don’t do well in crowds, or in loud noisy places, or in the cold. Of course, the port-a-germs are the last straw!

  4. I would have made the same decision as you. While it would be really cool to be at ANY inauguration, the thought of all of those people would definitely keep me away. What a mess that will be! It’ll be more memorable if you can actually SEE what’s going on–on TV. Good call.

  5. LOL on the porta potties.

    I will watch from home … and be happy.

    :- )

  6. Wise move. Unwise comments from SuperDad preceding the parentheses!

  7. Yeah, I was thinking about the 2 million visitors and the 5 or 6 porta johns to serve them….

  8. I guess the bathroom issue decides it for me, too. But I wish I could find a good Inauguration Party around here – we don’t have cable TV.

  9. SC: You are truly welcome to come and join us. There will be kids — yours would fit right in — including a reluctant teen or two!
    We briefly considered the concert this afternoon, but it is too cold to take the family down there, even with the “small” (only half-a-million?) crowd.

    Jenn: if my kids were older, I might have chosen differently. Ditto if I were a member of the Democratic Party (I’m a confirmed Independent) … although I *did* vote for him.

  10. You know, being a part of history is a great thing…but so is sanity 🙂

  11. Good decision!
    Super Dad’s very brave isn’t he! lol
    Stay warm 🙂

  12. Character Builder: if it wasn’t so cold or so crowded, it would be a lot easier to go. Any inauguration is right!

  13. Hilary & TT: SuperDad cracks me up. He did apologize for the train seat comment in advance. I suspect if people dress appropriately, EVERYONE will be waddling like penguins!

  14. I agree with DH – Silly meatball!! Big crowds freak me out. You’ll have a better vantage point from home and no icky potra potties or pick pockets to worry about. And most importantly, no worries about a sneaky nap attack hitting you when you least expect it!

  15. Brad once attended Christmas Eve mass at the Vatican and saw the pope from afar. He hasn’t stopped talking about it since, and he’s not even Catholic.

  16. well! it was actually not as cold as i anticipated (i mean.. it WAS that cold, but with so many people around it insulated us nicely). and while there were 2 million people there…. they were the NICEST and most POLITE and GOOD NATURED 2 million people i’ve ever met. it was a good day 🙂