Tagged and revised

I was tagged by allmycke over at Teepe’s weblog to post my 6th picture from my 6th folder… you know the routine. Well, that folder only had 2 photos in it, and couting forward brought me to a picture I’ve used before (but taken in December 2005), so I revised the instructions.
I counted back 6 folders from the end, and then counted back 6 pictures from the end of that folder. This is the photo I landed upon:


It was taken during the Children’s Christmas pageant at church last month. This little boy was soooooo cute! He spoke clearly and emphasized his lines with childlike aplomb. I couldn’t decide whether to watch him or watch his mother. I did both.

Instead of tagging 6 of you, I put out the challenge for any interested to find your 6th photo from your 6th file (either from the end or the beginning) and tell us about it. Let me know in comments or linky-love if you’ve done it!

And if you don’t already visit Teepe’s weblog on a regular basis: GO! She takes wonderful photographs.


9 responses to “Tagged and revised

  1. Oh, great photo. They look so cute all dressed up!

  2. he did this with APLOMB too?
    I wonder if Regis Philbin was like that when he was little? 😉

  3. Damn. I forgot to tag when I did it. I love to watch the parents too.

  4. What a great picture!
    Check out the little girl’s feet… the wise man on the right examining his staff and the runners visible from under the robes! Makes me want to be there!

  5. I can’t believe that Christmas was a month ago already! Insane.

  6. This is a wonderful idea. The randomness of the pictures that I have seen in many blogs makes me smile.

  7. Random observation – Looks like two of the kids in the photo have flagpoles growing straight out the tops of their heads!

  8. Those are curtains rods – aren’t they?
    I know that’s what I would’ve used, had I been the teacher…