Tuesday, Jan 27
High: 32 °F RealFeel®: 32 °F
Cold with snow, accumulating an inch or two
Tuesday Night, Jan 27
Low: 24 °F RealFeel®: 28 °F
Snow early, accumulating a coating to an inch, then sleet and freezing rain

So, we finally get some snow … only to be followed by freezing rain (which we know VERY well)… and I want to know, Where’s my 3 feet of snow this winter? Farmer’s Almanac promised snow!

WWC later today. I forgot to take pictures. Lame, I know.

5 responses to “****!!!!

  1. We got a couple of inches of snow in the mountains yesterday–only to melt with the coming 80 degree temps.

  2. I’m willing to share some of the bountiful amounts of snow we have here…

    Thank You for all your sweet comments! My evening became a lot brighter!

  3. You may come get it any time!

  4. Waiting for more snow myself but I guess Memphis has it’s 15 minutes of snow for the year and it really chaps my hide… lol

    Please please pray for some extra for me today! :))

    Great photos for your tourism… of course I love the birdhouse circle… 🙂