WWC #69: Circle and Town Tourist

If that number doesn’t bring on the spammers, I’ll eat my hat.

It would be an easy assignment if I was back in my former town where there are a lot of roundabouts; I’d post one picture and be done with the assignment! No, not really. I’m rarely able to stop at just one picture. And while I’d love to make you suffer through a long post (how do you make a slideshow??), this last week has been a really busy one and I am wearily looking through my archives.

TOWN TOURIST archive photos

Choices of 7

Choices of 7

There will someday be a traffic circle at the intersection, but for now, you have to wait for a break in traffic.



bluebird nest amongst the lavendar

bluebird nest amongst the lavendar

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13 responses to “WWC #69: Circle and Town Tourist

  1. aw, route 7, how i know and love it well! i take it alllllll the way to work and back home, every single day… 🙂

  2. Hoop and I are always talking about how much we’d love to have roundabouts. We have so many stoplights here, I’ve practically burned out my clutch within six months of owning my car. Oy.

  3. Nice pictures, I really like the bird house. I have heard some evil commute and rt. 7 stories!

    Do you believe they closed school today (they did here anyway)

  4. Love the birdhouse. Our city took out a lot of the circles it had, left a major one, but stuck traffic lights on it!

  5. We have a Hwy 7 here too. A really dangerous and curvy “scenic” highway.

    Love the shot of all the flags in front of the homes.

  6. That flag-lined street is wonderful.

  7. Ahhhhh…tree lined roads, dry pavements,lush green leaves and grass….I can almost smell the warm air!!!! Great pics to see on this 6 degree icey,sleety,snowy day!
    thanks for sharing and uplifting my spirits 🙂

  8. We’re even icy/sleet covered in Plano, Texas today! All the schools are closed. It’s a whopping 21 degrees out there. Brrr…

  9. What a pretty place….seems like someplace that would serve good pie.

  10. I have a traffic circle photo posted in my WWC, and …I think you and I are on that same road you talked about over at Tink’s 🙂 LOL
    Nice photos!

  11. Hey, that sign looks awfully familiar! 🙂

  12. oh i just love that sidewalk picture! I want to walk my dogs there!