Slip-slidin’ away



Yesterday’s footprints and today’s sunshine.

It was a “no footprint” morning:2009-january-082

2 hours late but back to school

7 responses to “Slip-slidin’ away

  1. Ee-gads! Stay safe in all that coldness!

  2. It looks so very pretty, but take care, it can be so deceptive.

  3. sliiiippery! the roads around here are completely clear now – even the grass has just the thinest coat of ice. we made out pretty well, all things considered!

  4. Looks just like our yard! I love snow, but hate ice!!

  5. Oooh.. sparkly snow. And slippery. Do be careful!

  6. Awesome pictures! I love how the snow/ice sparkles.

  7. Just think….the warmth of Texas in May is not that far off…