Inauguration Party flashback

Inaugural Sunrise

Inaugural Sunrise

So way back when, on January 20th, my neighbor hosted an inauguration party.


We had Obamartinis


And Credit Crunch


… And bowls of “Bailout” (a.k.a., taco soup) served with a ladle


Because any chance I get, I love to make and eat taco soup!
I make an adapted version of the recipe found at–3431/taco-soup.asp
(pic is from there, too, because we ate up our soup before I could take any pictures!)


There were children of every color



and some bored puppies


But we made them watch anyway. History is good for you!


And when it was over, I had a short and lovely walk home.


13 responses to “Inauguration Party flashback

  1. Great picture story line. 🙂 I loved the pups of color and bored pups!

  2. OBAMAtinis????? Credit CRUNCH!

  3. Maybe that was better than freezing your patoot offf in Washington, after all….

  4. i LOVE the names of all your obama-themed treats!!!!

  5. LOL on “Credit Crunch” — truly inspired!

  6. On election night we had Obamargarita and Mavericks. They were delish!

  7. Sounds like a great time. Just what was in those Obamartinis?

  8. Clever people!
    Sounds like fun times and something to remember. History is good for all of us.
    The Obamartinis look delish!!

  9. Very creative! I love it!

  10. HA!! Those were some good names for the food. 🙂 My wife makes a serious taco soup too. Love it!

  11. KC,
    I need you to email me so I Can send you a certain code.

  12. How nice! I wish Hoop and I’d had some people to celebrate with. Instead we were at home, jumping on our couch alone. 🙂

  13. Popped by from Hilary’s to say hi. I love how you captured the day. It was an important milestone in history, and you’ve recorded it beautifully here.

    I can’t help but think that our blogs will someday be incredible lenses into our collective past. Neat.