WWC#71: “G” and ON THIS DAY… plus, WWC#72: “Z” and ABANDONED

I pretty much slept through last Tuesday. Rather than take a FAIL on the WWC, I’m turning last week’s assignment in with this week’s assignment.

G is for… GRANDPA

or is it Santa Claus on a Cub Cadet?

or is it Santa Claus on a Cub Cadet?


"G" is for GRAVITY

ABANDONED sink (no one loves it anymore)

ABANDONED sink (no one loves it anymore)

catching her Z's on the sofa

Cleo is catching her Z's on the sofa


ON THIS DAY… Valentine’s Day 2009… A hike on the Appalachian Trail


I tried to make those collage pictures into a slide show… so far, no luck. HELP!

The Weekly Words Challenge, is brought to us every Tuesday by the Gorgeous and Generous Tink, who has never ABANDONED us (except for her honeymoon, when she left us in Jay’s able care). Too bad I “Zzzzzzz“-ed through last Tuesday!


13 responses to “WWC#71: “G” and ON THIS DAY… plus, WWC#72: “Z” and ABANDONED

  1. Great pics! And, that collage thingie below is great too!

  2. Gravity is good–you don’t want him floating off into the atmosphere.

  3. Well done! I like the collage and Grandpa is cutting the Grass!

  4. First, well done!

    Second, did you get my e-mails on where to go to get the slide show things?

  5. oooh.. i’ve never actually been on the AT. one day….

  6. Way to go back and get caught up!

    I wish I was catching some Z’s with that cat right now. Even if I am allergic to her. haha

    Great job on the words!

  7. Very nice. I love the whimsy of gravity. Hmm isn’t that a paradox? 😉

  8. nice shots along the trail and there was your sweet kittie!!!!

  9. Gravity, that’s cool, and I wish I had thought of a photo of Mr. J catching some ZZzzz lol I guess when I’m rushing I don’t stop to think creatively.

    Great job this week! No shame in make-up work.

  10. Oops… I was accidentally signed into an old blog… This is Aunt Jackie :))

  11. Nice catching up! Sorry I’m a little late stopping by. I took a much needed day off yesterday. I really like the gravity shot, but the collage of nature things is by far a favorite. Well done. 🙂

  12. I especially love “G” is for gravity – great shot! And, I’m with you – I can ‘t figure out how to do a slideshow, either! I’ve been bad bad bad about not doing WWC, but I enjoy looking at everybody else’s!