Thematic Photograph #37: Busted

This is the way blogging works…

A comment from a new-to-me-blogger (who came here via Hilary, one of my favorite bloggie friends) caused me to go check out his blog, and now I’m hooked on a NEW PHOTO MEME!

Luckily, just like the Weekly Words Challenge over at Tink‘s place, Carmi apparently gives us a week to post our submissions for the Thematic Photographic . So I can post once for the week, or post every day for a week, or take an entire week to post one picture.

Are you totally confused? Good.



For some reason the inspector only mentioned that “some panels may need replacing” on the garage door. The entire door was in need of replacing.

Today’s picture was taken by me and is being posted for the Thematic Photographic hosted by Carmi. Feel free to pop over to his place to get all of the official rules (or non-rules) and play along!

PS: The next Weekly Words Challenge (posted on Tuesdays) will be brought to you by the number 2, Expressive Faces, and of course, the talented Tink!


4 responses to “Thematic Photograph #37: Busted

  1. Cool. That is busted. I would have picked a photo of my crazy dog’s face when he get’s caught stealing food. Busted!

  2. OH NO! Your door! I love your posts, keep pumping them out!

  3. I’m glad you and Carmi have discovered one another. If I liked memes, tags, themes.. his and Tink’s would be my top choices. Since I don’t like doing them, I can still get to enjoy yours. 🙂 Thanks for the linkage.

  4. I feel your pain. Our door malfunctioned and one side got caught. Yes.. it is busted, too. I didn’t even think about posting about that.