Paying it Forward

I have been neglecting some housekeeping.

Well, yes, that kind, too! But I was talking about this kind:

Awards from January 2009

great-attitude-and-or-gratitudeI received this pretty lemonade stand from Farmer*sWife, for a great Attitude (or) Gratitude. She herself is a “Glass Half Full” kind of gal. I do try to have an Attitude of Gratitude, although there are certainly days when I completely FAIL.

I am passing it on to the following bloggers:

  • Hilary at The Smitten Image, for being so thoughtful. She tries to see the best in others.
  • My Swedish friend at Teepe’s weblog — She recently took her students to visit a former classmate with a debilitating condition. What a great teacher, to open their eyes to the disabled!
  • Mary Alice, who blogs about living life as a military wife and mom — She has a beautiful spirit.
  • David at Five String Guitar, who exhibits a good attitude and gratitude in life as he faces major medical challenges (for himself and his beloved wife)

from-jenn-at-juggling-lifeAlso in January

Jenn at Juggling Life gave me this heart-warming award. I love her blog! If you haven’t been there yet, you should go! She’s a mom of 4 who has survived thrived through the years with youngsters with sass and style (her sass and style, not her kids!!).

I thought of 2 people who could use a pick-me-up right now:

  • Moo, who has only a few weeks left before her baby is born
  • Susie, who continues to blog and make me laugh while she fights her medical battles (I hope she makes herself laugh, too, because isn’t laughter supposed to be the best medicine?)


I love awards, and I love to share them! (These are also posted on my blog awards page.)

Pay it forward!


7 responses to “Paying it Forward

  1. Well-deserved awards and great choices to pay it forward.

    You made me think–my kids do have my sass and style and I frequently find it less enjoyable to be on the receiving end than the delivery end!

  2. Thank you. I often feel that my attitude could be a lot better. I’m glad others think it’s good!

  3. I am thrilled and I thank you so much!!!!
    What a treat to come to your site and get this lovely surprise.
    It means much to me, and I will pay it forward


  4. Yay for you.. you’re always deserving. And thanks! I’ll wear it proudly on my sidebar. 🙂

  5. I’m blushing…. This feels so undeserved, because it’s been months and months since we went to visit him the last time.
    But, I’ll accept the award, trying for graciously so.

  6. you are such a star KC!