Pinewood Derby

Their first cars

Their first cars

Disclaimer: They were a lot more excited and animated during the races. At this point, most of them were thinking of eating a donut and going home.

While I’m waiting to see the pictures that Gordo posts from the weekend’s Kub Kar Rally, here are some of the boys from our Cub Scout Den, showing off their Pinewood Derby cars (one of them with a first prize win!) — note the cool purple and green tank, the skateboard design, the Lego-man driver, and of course SnakeMaster had to paint a snake on his car!


We can’t claim it was fast, but it was clearly created and loved by a 9yo boy. 😀

5 responses to “Pinewood Derby

  1. That is one beautiful racer!

    And the car is beautiful too.

  2. OH!!!! I love his car, and isn’t he tall compared to his buddies? I showed up at the pinewood derby with my car that I had carved with a knife and painted myself, with NO help, and was surrounded by all these high tech father-son projects I was embarrassed. I am not embarrassed to make things by myself anymore.

  3. I have so many pictures like that. It’s too fun to see your boy and his car. MVP went to Philmont when he was 14–best 10 days of his life.

  4. That’s a great car, KC! Several years ago, we instituted a 75% clase for the Kars. It has to have been 75% done by the Cub and it’s the Area Commissioner’s call if there’s a question. We had one that had been illegally modified (tapered wheels and washers we added to the axles), but instead of disqualifying it, we let the boy race. We just made it clear that he wouldn’t win anything.

  5. That really is a great car! He’s very creative. And I bet he was so proud of it! Reminds me of a commercial I just saw on TV for Honda…a boy was building a derby car like that.