Sunday Musing

“The craving of the addict may never be healed, but the addiction itself can stop. The sense that one is unlovable, unworthy, or inadequate may never fully disappear, but we can refuse to let that drive us to perfectionism, despair, or overwork. There is a residue of evil that can neither be cured nor integrated nor humanized. That we can only bring before God to be burned forever (for it never burns up altogether; it is in fact a kind of fuel), trusting God to transform our irredeemable evil into fiery light.”

~Walter Wink

Revelation 4:6 and 15:2

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6 responses to “Sunday Musing

  1. well, easier said than done isn’t it?

  2. Wow. The only comment that comes to mind is that I do believe that with God’s help we can get beyond those demons within that hold us back.

  3. Okay this is so deep, my head kind of hurts. Is this saying, essentially, that if we burn our sins, those thing we recognize as having no good purpose to humankind…if we put them on the alter as sacrifice, they become light for the world?

  4. a lot of food for thought there. I am going to copy and print it out for further study – thanks.

  5. No, Mary Alice, it is saying that we can’t overcome all our inadequacies, etc., in this life. But we don’t have to let them overcome us. We can offer them up to God as a recognition of our imperfection and an acknowledgement of His power to make good out of evil.

    I think.

  6. MA,
    Sins wouldn’t be light for the world, but perhaps the giving up — the sacrifice of saying “I can’t do this on my own” — points to the only One who can deal with that residue of sin/evil.
    I pondered about the idea of “residue of evil” and I *think* that refers to what is left even after we have gone to the one we have wronged and apologized & asked forgiveness. I think.

    SC, I like the way you think.

    Karen, since Revelation is John’s vision of ultimate victory, I would say that those things that hold us back will not have control on us forever.

    There are a plenty of biblical references to being refined (some in the book of Psalms). When silver is refined, the dross is continually removed until one can see a reflection; could this be a connection to the sea of glass? Certainly having evil residue burned away would refine us… yes?